Vaccination against Covid-19 would provide better protection against the virus than natural contamination alone.

This is what reveals a study carried out by the Toulouse University Hospital, published on September 21 in the journal 

Journal of Infection


The study was carried out on 8,758 caregivers by the virology, occupational health and infectious diseases departments of the hospital between June 2020 and July 2021. “After two doses of vaccines, 15 days after their second dose, no individual had a low concentration of total antibodies, ”the study said.

“They were therefore all protected at least at 89.3%.


Refine health protocols

"On the other hand, 79.3% of people previously infected but not vaccinated had a level of protection against reinfection of only 12.4%", adds the Toulouse University Hospital, cited by

Actu Toulouse


Researchers have established protective antibody thresholds, which should allow authorities to adapt future vaccine and therapeutic strategies against Covid-19.

"The definition of these thresholds […] after a vaccination or a natural infection is essential today to refine the protocols", declared Chloé Dimeglio, biostatistician in the virology laboratory of the CHU.

This strategy is particularly important for people who are immunocompromised, who do not respond to conventional vaccination schedules.


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