The reporter investigates the chaotic situation of the entry medical examination on behalf of——

  As long as you pay, you can get medical reports and health certificates

  Our reporter Qiao Ran, our newspaper intern Zhao Ruoqing, "Workers' Daily" (version 06, September 27, 2021)

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  Whether the job seeker’s physical examination indicators are normal is usually the last step for the employer to assess whether it can be hired.

The reporter's investigation found that some organizations that organize physical examinations on behalf of them have existed for a long time, from issuing fake certificates to finding "shooters", and providing "one-stop" services for different types of job seekers.

Behind the repeated prohibition of prosecution is the employment discrimination of employers against job-seekers suffering from infectious diseases, especially hepatitis B patients.

  "With 10 years of practical experience in on-site physical examinations, familiar with the procedures of various physical examinations, we can provide comrades with efficient and high-quality physical examination services." The physical examination for employment is the last threshold for recruitment and talent recruitment by employers. During the job hunting season, some entry-level physical examination agencies became "active" online.

  These institutions provide various types of packages for different types of medical examiners. They have services such as replacing blood draws, issuing health certificates, and directly issuing medical reports. The fees range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of yuan, and they claim that they "cannot pass the refund."

  The reporter's interview found that most job-seekers seeking a substitute examination are people infected with hepatitis B virus. Because the employer violates the regulations and compulsory physical examination, they have to find someone to replace the entry physical examination.

At the same time, there are also job-seekers who suffer from viral hepatitis A, active tuberculosis and other diseases that hinder public health. They want to work in the catering industry, so they seek out "gunners" to apply for health certificates on their behalf.

You can find someone to inspect on behalf of the money

  Reporters searched the Internet using "substitute medical examination" as the key word, and many agencies' webpages came into view.

The reporter noticed that some agencies with different names still have the same service phone number.

Not only that, some social platforms and forums also have posts, group chats, and discussion groups related to "inspection".

  The reporter used the physical examination as an excuse to call a representative inspection agency, falsely claiming to find someone to replace the entrance examination due to high uric acid.

The staff of the agency gave two solutions. One is to find the "gunman" to make a fake ID card and perform a medical examination with the reporter. First, scan the real ID card at the front desk to get the medical examination form, and then let the "gunman" hold the fake ID in the follow-up inspection. ID card to operate.

Charged by item, 1,000 yuan per item, "but refundable".

  The second is to directly give personal information to the staff, a week later, a medical report with the official seal of the tertiary hospital will be generated. This kind of plan requires a 400 yuan deposit first, and then 400 yuan after the formal entry has no problems.

When the staff found that the reporter's medical examination place was located in Beijing, the other party refused to accept the order on the grounds that the operation was too difficult.

  However, the staff member also introduced to reporters that they can try to open the errand option of the network distribution platform near the medical examination hospital and issue a request for inspection. There will be a network distribution staff to take the order, 600 yuan per time, the price is negotiable, and they are all part-time jobs.

It is said that some delivery staff made more than 20,000 yuan a month by running errands on behalf of inspections.

  Afterwards, the reporter got in touch with a Beijing inspection agency.

The staff is more vigilant, and the introduction is only for the full set of inspection packages for civil servants and public institution staff, with a package price of 28,000 yuan, which will be paid twice before and after the physical examination.

If you are worried about safety, you can choose to have a physical examination first, and then pay 38,000 yuan in one lump sum after passing.

When the reporter expressed that he thought about it and wanted to ask more, the staff member began to question the identity of the reporter and hung up the phone.

  The reporter noticed that due to the previous media exposure, the online inspection agencies are becoming more and more concealed. They basically only contact them by phone, and after paying the deposit to gain trust, they will look for "gunners" to meet offline.

In addition, there are some "gunners" who publish information on the online second-hand trading platform in their personal name and provide inspection services on behalf of them.

Liver function test is the most common

  Clicking on the webpage of a proxy inspection agency, the reporter noticed that the agency said it was founded in 2004 and has as many as 14,569 successful cases.

  Judging from the "classic cases" provided by some institutions, many job seekers seek a substitute examination because of abnormal blood tests, hepatitis B, and abnormal electrocardiograms.

Among them, it is the most common for patients with hepatitis B to find a substitute for examination.

According to an organization, its core target population is hepatitis B carriers.

  "I have been doing this for almost 3 years. August and September each year is the job hunting season. I have received more than a dozen orders." Wang Qiang, the "gunner," told reporters that during the off-season, there are usually three or four orders per month, and sometimes up to 20 orders in the peak season. , "Most of them are doing the'liver five items'".

  The "Five-item Liver" mentioned by Wang Qiang refers to the five-item hepatitis B examination, which is an important basis for the diagnosis of hepatitis B.

  The Employment Promotion Law stipulates that employers shall not refuse to hire employees on the grounds that they are carriers of infectious diseases.

In 2010, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education, and the former Ministry of Health issued a joint notice, clearly requiring that hepatitis B project testing and related reports should not be carried out during various school entrance and employment medical examinations, nor should they be asked whether they are carriers of hepatitis B surface antigen. .

  Despite the state's express regulations, many employers still list the hepatitis B test as a necessary item for the entry medical examination. It is not uncommon for job applicants to be rejected by the employer after hepatitis B and other infectious diseases are detected.

  Zhao Yu, who has served as HR in a state-owned enterprise in Beijing for many years, told reporters that some companies are worried that hepatitis B is contagious and illegally require job applicants to be tested for five hepatitis B items. To a certain extent, it has spawned and contributed to the gray industry of physical examinations.

  In addition, some job-seekers who suffer from viral hepatitis A, active tuberculosis and other diseases that hinder public health, who want to work in the catering industry, will also look for "gunners" to apply for health certificates on their behalf.

Wang Qiang said that it is easier to apply for a health certificate than an entry medical examination. Job seekers are worried that most diseases that affect entry will pass a blood test. Therefore, as long as there is no problem with the blood test, they can pass the medical examination smoothly.

  When asked what to do when he was found out during the physical examination, Wang Qiang said that he would not do it if he was found out, and no one would call the police.

He also revealed that many medical examination centers are for-profit, and most of them do not check ID cards in detail.

 Suspected of fraud on behalf of physical examination

  "On behalf of the medical examination is suspected of fraud." According to Lawyer Yang Baoquan, a senior partner of Beijing Bank of China Law Firm.

He introduced that there are no clear penalties for this behavior, and once it is found out in practice, the result is mostly disqualification of the medical examination.

In the process of replacing the physical examination, if there is a situation of forging, altering, or buying or selling resident ID cards, the perpetrator may be investigated for the crime of forging, altering, or buying or selling ID documents and bear criminal responsibility.

Some medical institutions and medical staff may also be held accountable for irresponsible and dereliction of duty during the inspection.

  However, in Yang Baoquan's view, to curb physical examinations, the root cause is to eliminate employment discrimination.

If there is no employment discrimination, even if a job seeker is diagnosed with an infectious disease, as long as it does not affect the job, he can be accepted by the employer. Then the job seeker does not need to use fraudulent means to "fudge".

  He suggested that the labor and legislative departments should pass timely legislation, improve regulations, and strictly enforce the law to further reduce and eliminate labor and employment discrimination, especially related enterprises, departments, and industries for hidden employment discrimination medical examination items.

Enterprises should also set up positions reasonably, clarify job requirements, enhance legal awareness, and consciously resist employment discrimination.

(Some interviewees have pseudonyms)