“It breaks” between coaches!

TF1 broadcast this Saturday the third and last blind auditions session of

The Voice All Stars

, which brings together the most outstanding candidates of

The Voice

of the last ten years.

Fans were able to find old voices that marked the telecrochet such as Ana Ka, Anthony Trice, Xam Hurricane, Michaël Bucquet, Mathis Gardel or even Will Barber.

If Jenifer has established herself as the queen of the

blind test

by recognizing almost all the candidates, just by hearing their voices, she was reprimanded by Zazie in full live.

Ecco, the 19-year-old young woman who had moved the coaches in season 7 of

The Voice,

returned accompanied by her piano with a cover of

Ca casse

, a title by the late Belgian singer Maurane.

Zazie had exactly the same reaction as all of us whenever they talk too much during a song… 🤣 # TheVoice #TheVoiceAllStars pic.twitter.com/kJOAoWZ6lD

- Anthony B. (@Mister_Anthony_) September 25, 2021

"Oh, it's a song by Maurane, magnificent," exclaimed Jenifer, moved, from the first notes.

“I sang it when I was little,” the coach continued, starting to hum.

"Shhh," said Zazie, visibly annoyed.

A small tackle which greatly amused the Twittos.


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