, Beijing, September 26. Recently, Daxiang Publishing House held a new book launch conference of "Lu Xun's Fifteen Lectures" in Beijing.

According to reports, this year is the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth, and the event is also held to commemorate Mr. Lu Xun.

The scene of this event.

Image source: Image courtesy of Elephant Publishing House

  At the press conference, the editors of the publishing house introduced the publication of the book "Lu Xun's Fifteen Lectures".

The author and scholar Chen Shuyu of this book gave a speech entitled "Why I Speak about Lu Xun". He talked about his experience of studying, researching, and speaking about Lu Xun in the past half a century. The public is committed to "building up people."

  During the event, the participating experts made short speeches.

In their view, as a popular academic work, the publication of "Lu Xun's Fifteen Lectures" can help ordinary people to better understand Lu Xun and understand the situation of the domestic Lu Xun research community.

Cover of "Lu Xun's Fifteen Lectures".

Photo courtesy of Elephant Publishing House

  It is reported that the "Fifteen Lectures of Lu Xun" has collected the author's 50 years of research efforts.

The book is divided into three parts, namely "Lu Xun and his contemporaries", "Rereading Lu Xun's classics", and "Sowing the seeds of Lu Xun's spirit". They respectively talk about Mr. Lu Xun's real world, literary world and spiritual world.