The co-founder of the British rock band Status Quo, Alan Lancaster, is dead. The bassist died at the age of 72, the group announced on their website on Sunday.

He had suffered from multiple sclerosis for years.

"We were friends and colleagues for years and have celebrated fantastic success as the" Frantic Four "together with Rick Parfitt and John Coughlan," said Quo singer Francis Rossi, according to the announcement.

"Alan was central to the sound and tremendous success of Status Quo in the 1960s and 1970s."

Lancaster had left the band in 1985 and then led legal disputes with his former band colleagues.

But for a reunion tour in 2013/14 he played again with the regular cast.

With Rossi and Coughlan, two of the "Frantic Four" are still alive.

Parfitt died in 2016.