A 14-year-old girl was punished by her senior sister to squat and became disabled. Parents: no compensation has been negotiated with the school

  Because of a "corporal punishment" at school, 14-year-old girl Tongtong (pseudonym) from Hejiang County, Luzhou, Sichuan encountered the "darkest moment" of her life.

  According to Tongtong’s self-report and testimony from his classmates, on the evening of June 10, 2020, the school life teacher and the student union seniors of Xianshi Middle School in Hejiang County (the school is currently co-organized with Xianshi Vocational High School) found that Tongtong had a bag on her bed when checking her bed. snack.

The elder sister punished Tongtong squatted 150 times, but the life teacher stood aside and did not stop.

This "punishment" caused Tongtong's left ankle joint injury, which could not be cured after many treatments, and was successively identified as "Nineth Degree Disability" and "Tenth Degree Disability".

  "The feet hurt so much. You need crutches to walk." On September 17, 2021, Tongtong told The Paper that because of a delay in the course of treatment, he had to repeat the grade and he is currently in the third year of junior high.

In addition, the medical certificate showed that Tongtong was diagnosed with a "depressive state."

His mother, Ms. Zhou, told The Paper that her daughter had done self-harm.

  Ms. Zhou said that many professional doctors said that Tongtong’s physical damage was “irreversible” and could only be relieved by rehabilitation training, which required a lot of expenses.

In the past year after the incident, in addition to the pre-treatment cost of more than 100,000 yuan paid by the Xianshi Middle School in Hejiang County, the follow-up treatment and rehabilitation costs have been coordinated by the local education department. Reach an agreement.

  The Paper noted that on August 13, the Hejiang County Education and Sports Bureau responded to this matter through online channels. Under the legal framework, seek a settlement between the two parties through consultation."

On September 17, The Paper contacted Xu Junke, the principal of Xianshi Middle School, for an interview. He refused to respond to Tongtong’s injury on the phone.

On September 26, Ms. Zhou told The Paper that the school had proposed a new compensation plan, but she had not yet accepted it.

"Corporal punishment" caused by a sleep check

  On September 17, 2021, when The Paper reporter saw Tongtong at the entrance of Xianshi Middle School in Hejiang County, she was wearing a school uniform and leaning on a crutches. Every step seemed difficult.

When talking with people, his expression is dull and his eyes always look away.

  Tongtong recalled that after 10pm on June 10 last year, she went back to her dormitory to rest. She met the life teacher and the "Builder" (also the student union cadre) to check the bed, mainly to check whether any students brought snacks to the dormitory without permission. .

Tongtong said that the "manager" is a senior sister, "she found a pack of snacks on my bed, and directly asked me whether to admit it or not."

Tongtong immediately explained, "This is not my snack. I don't know who put it on my bed." But this explanation was not recognized.

Immediately, in the presence of the life teacher, the "head of the building" fined her to do 300 squats and write a thousand-character review.

  "My ankle was injured in April of that year, and I almost recovered at that time. I was afraid that I would be injured after strenuous exercise. So I told the building manager and life teacher if I could not do it." Tongtong said that this request was rejected by the other party. ", just changed 300 squats to 150.

The student who slept with Tongtong confirmed that the snacks were thrown on Tongtong’s bed by other students who were afraid of being investigated. Tongtong once explained to the building supervisor who came to check, but the building leader did not believe it.

  A student who was also punished physically for bringing snacks into the dormitory said that because he was found carrying snacks in the dormitory, eight students including himself and Tongtong were asked to go to the dam on the first floor to receive corporal punishment. "I was fined 300 squats. Tongtong did 150 exercises, and I also did another 10 rounds of duck steps.” The student mentioned that the life teacher sat at the door to supervise and did not stop it.

  After Tongtong finished 150 squats, her feet tingled.

At that time, she did not say anything. Until she returned home on Friday, June 12, Ms. Zhou found her daughter was limping and there was a swelling on her foot. After further questioning, Tongtong told her what happened to her at school.

Ms. Zhou immediately communicated with the head teacher, and the other party told her that she didn't know about it.

  On June 15, 2020, Xianshi Middle School took Tongtong to an orthopedic hospital in the county for examination. After the examination, the school informed Ms. Zhou that Tongtong’s injury was a soft tissue injury and it was not serious.

But on June 17, Tongtong felt weakness and pain in the joints of her ankle again. Ms. Zhou rushed to the school to pick up her daughter. The school also paid Ms. Zhou RMB 2,000 for treatment.

 Need to use crutches to walk after injury

  After that, Ms. Zhou took her daughter to hospitals in Luzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places for treatment.

According to the inpatient medical records of the Affiliated Chinese Medicine Hospital of Southwest Medical University, on June 19, 2020, Tongtong was admitted to the hospital for “sprained pain and swelling of the left ankle with limited mobility for 1 day”.

The hospital initially diagnosed Tongtong as “sprained left ankle” and was diagnosed as “sprained and strained left ankle” when he was discharged from the hospital.

  Then at the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, Tongtong’s condition was diagnosed as: “left lateral malleolus fracture, left lateral malleolus chronic instability, left lateral collateral ligament injury, left calcaneocuboid joint avulsion fracture.” July 1, 2020, She underwent foot joint surgery in the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, but because the avulsion fracture was too small to be repositioned with steel nails, she could only take out the broken bone.

  Tongtong said that after the operation, her foot pain has not been significantly relieved, and she "cannot sleep at night."

In order to take care of her daughter, as a single mother, Ms. Zhou quit her job and continued to receive treatment with Tongtong. However, many professional doctors said that Tongtong’s injury was an irreversible physical injury and restricted her mobility. The result cannot be changed, and can only be relieved by rehabilitation training in the later stage.

  Last year, the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University issued a medical certificate stating that Tongtong was in a "depressive state" after the incident. The doctor advised to adhere to treatment, avoid mental stimulation, and prevent accidents.

"She doesn't tell me anything now." Ms. Zhou said that her daughter closed herself up, her temper became irritable and irritable, and she had self-harmed this year.

 The compensation plan has not yet reached an agreement

  According to Ms. Zhou, since Tongtong was admitted to the hospital for treatment, the school has incurred more than 100,000 yuan in expenses through direct transfer to the hospital and WeChat transfer to her.

However, there has been no agreement between her and the school regarding follow-up compensation and other issues.

Ms. Zhou said that her daughter’s ankle pain is unbearable, and rehabilitation will be involved in the future. Her mental health issues are also worrying. “Take her to see a psychologist. It has some effects, but 300 yuan per time is too expensive.”

  In October 2020, Sichuan Luzhou Kezheng Judicial Appraisal Center identified Tongtong's injury as "80% loss of joint function" and assessed it as "Nine-degree disability".

This means that Tongtong's mobility is limited all his life, and perhaps he has to travel with crutches all his life.

  In March 2021, Ms. Zhou sued Xianshi Middle School, and the Hejiang County Court subsequently commissioned the Sichuan Boyu Judicial Appraisal Institute to assess Tongtong’s disability and subsequent treatment fees again. In May, the forensic appraisal report was released, showing that Tongtong Tong’s loss of joint function is more than 50%, and his disability is Grade 10. “There is no inevitable follow-up treatment cost.”

  Ms. Zhou said that this report made herself lose confidence, and then withdrew the prosecution, and instead asked the Hejiang County Education Department to intervene in the coordination process.

  On August 12, 2021, Ms. Zhou reported on her daughter's corporal punishment and disability at school through the Sichuan Provincial Internet Political Affairs Platform "Spicy Community".

The next day, the Hejiang County Education and Sports Bureau of Luzhou City replied through the platform, confirming the basic facts that Tongtong was injured by corporal punishment at school.

  In response, the Hejiang County Education and Sports Bureau stated that after Tongtong was injured on the evening of June 10, 2020, the school always put the treatment of the student’s injury first, and sent him to the Zhang’s Orthopedic Hospital, Hejiang County. For inspection and treatment at West China Hospital in Sichuan and Xinqiao Hospital in Chongqing, all medical expenses of more than 100,000 yuan during the preliminary treatment process have been paid in full by the school.

During the student's hospitalization, the school will pay the family's nursing, living, and nutrition expenses at the standard of 300 yuan/day, and the relevant expenses have been paid in full after each stage of treatment.

  "In order to fully protect the rights and interests of students and parents, the school, the County Education and Sports Bureau, etc. have negotiated with the parents many times, but no consensus has been reached." The situation and family reality should be resolved through consultation between the two parties under a reasonable, reasonable and legal framework.

At the same time, parents are also advised to clarify school responsibilities through judicial procedures and use legal means to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

  On September 17, regarding Tongtong’s injury and disability compensation, The Paper contacted Xu Junke, principal of Xianshi Middle School for an interview, but the other party did not respond.

On September 26, Ms. Zhou told The Paper that the school had proposed a new compensation plan, but she still did not accept it. “No one can say how much this (treatment, rehabilitation) cost will be in the future. I hope the school will be responsible. Little, she has a long life in her life."

  The Paper, reporter He Liquan, and intern Wu Danping