Twitter is testing new solutions to reduce bad replies

The social networking site "Twitter" for social networking is testing innovative solutions to limit the visibility of any offensive tweets, and prevent their access in the future.

These solutions include a feature that allows "filtering responses" that are potentially abusive, and another that allows "restricting accounts" that are potentially unwelcome in responses.

Twitter's senior product designer, Paula Barsant, offered a sneak peek at the new features, which are just ideas at the moment that may turn into reality in the coming days.

Twitter will ask its user if he wants to activate the new controls in the event that he discovers responses with potentially harmful and offensive content, and that if activated, the site will stop displaying the abusive tweets of the account holder.

Also, if the unwanted abusive "restrict accounts" feature is activated, users who have recently shown patterns of rule-breaking will not be able to reply to the tweets permanently.

To prevent the new controls from not being too inaccurate in filtering replies and unfairness for some users, Paula Parsant confirmed that Twitter will give its users the option to review filtered tweets as well as limited accounts.