Chinanews, Shaoxing, September 25 (Strictly Tong Xiaoyu) September 25 is the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun's birth.

In the few days before and after, Zhou Lingfei was very busy. As Lu Xun's eldest grandson and chairman of the Lu Xun Cultural Foundation, he needed to appear in various commemorative activities in the south and the north.

  Finally, the interview was scheduled for a coffee break in a meeting.

The location is also very Lu Xun-Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel, because of Lu Xun's Kong Yiji, Xianheng is also one of the landmarks of Lu Xun's hometown.

Shaoxing Xianheng Hotel.

Photo courtesy of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  Lu Xun "come back" again

  2021 is the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun's birth.

Although Zhou Lingfei often returns to Shaoxing, this is his second time attending such a grand commemorative meeting.

The last time was in 2011, the 130th anniversary of Lu Xun's birth.

  The main body of the memorial remains unchanged, but Zhou Lingfei still feels that Lu Xun is more "lively" today compared to ten years ago.

"The number of times he appeared in our field of vision has increased, and the number of clicks on the topic of Lu Xun on the Internet has also increased, and Lu Xun is back."

  It is an established fact that Lu Xun is back again.

  Ten years ago, when Lu Xun was mentioned, many people would think of works in textbooks such as "The Diary of a Madman" and "The True Story of Ah Q".

That Lu Xun was serious and unsmiling.

  But ten years later, Lu Xun has become an out-and-out "flow responsibility."

Zhou Lingfei made a statistics, and there are more than 80,000 articles about Lu Xun on the Internet, with nearly 300 million words.

On November 27, 1932, Lu Xun gave a speech at Beijing Normal University.

Photo courtesy of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  This is just academic "lively".

More often, Lu Xun is very busy, busy saving all sentient beings, busy doing the "truth" in the world.

  "Learning medicine can't save the Chinese"?

  "Young people, eat more vegetables and stay up late" "They are poor in themselves, and they become rich if they are right. If they are wrong, they are still poor." "Sometimes they misunderstand people, not because they are blind, but because they are kind"...

  "Most of these online'Lu Xun's said' are not what Lu Xun said." Zhou Lingfei said that in recent years, Lu Xun has transformed from the dagger and fighter in the textbook to a sought-after life mentor.

The reason is that people's pursuit of the spirit after the material is satisfied day by day.

  He mentioned that Lu Xun’s criticism of national character and the values ​​presented in his works, as well as his fighting spirit of “crossing his eyebrows and pointing to thousands of people” and his dedication to “bow down his head and be willing to be a bully” can arouse different classes, ages, and positions. People's resonance.

  "This is like a piece of cultural heritage." Zhou Lingfei mentioned the famous "two jujube trees" that were "played crazy".

  Someone asked him before, what is the meaning of these two trees in Lu Xun's works?

Zhou Lingfei couldn't answer, but felt that it was emphasized, and it was a technique in literature.

Now, he suddenly realized.

His understanding is: "One is material, the other is spiritual."

  He said that Lu Xun is a "spiritual fighter" and a master of the Chinese spirit.

This will lead to the pursuit of young people.

They no longer stop at pursuing material satisfaction like "I want to buy a house and a car", but want a kind of spiritual comfort, so Lu Xun becomes a spiritual harbor for everyone to get what they need.

Zhou Lingfei interacted with the pupils of Lu Xun Primary School.

Photo by Xu Hong

  Lu Xun from the plane to the three-dimensional

  Lu Xun "returned" in various ways. In Zhou Lingfei's view, this allows everyone to see Lu Xun in a more three-dimensional way.

"I don't want everyone to talk about Lu Xun, they are always the image of a flat fighter with furrowed brows, rigid and serious. Such Lu Xun, on the contrary, is not cute."

  He mentioned that the Lu Xun that everyone saw before was all in the textbooks, and they were all flat.

Including himself, contact with his grandfather started from the text.

Every time I open the textbook, and then refine the central idea.

"It can be said that the teacher's understanding is our understanding, and the teacher's ideas are our ideas." The classmates often teased Zhou Lingfei: "You have to memorize your grandpa's article again."

  Zhou Lingfei said frankly that he couldn't understand these contents when he was a student.

The critique of the national character in "The Diary of a Madman" and "The True Story of Ah Q" is also fascinating. My understanding of my grandfather is only half-knowledge, or "a blank".

  Later, he understood that what seemed to understand but did not understand was because of Lu Xun's world, and the people there were unfamiliar with them decades later, which made many young people afraid of Lu Xun.

Lu Xun Cultural and Creative Products.

Photo courtesy of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  Fortunately, more and more young people choose to use their own methods to approach and explore Lu Xun, the "post-80s" uncle.

  For example, in the barrage of station B, in talk shows, and in film and television dramas, Lu Xun appeared in a very special way; many of the sections in "Madman's Diary" and "The True Story of Ah Q" have become Internet hot stalks.

  Zhou Lingfei also encountered rap, interactive mobile games, cultural and creative products and other ways to spread Lu Xun.

He felt that no matter whether it was a serious way or a humorous way, he didn't object to it, and the way of joking is fine, but there must be a bottom line, and slander and insults are not acceptable.

  He thought of a scene in Wuhan that was very annoying.

In front of a small stall, the shopkeeper hung up a picture of Lu Xun.

In the original painting, Lu Xun was holding a cigarette, but when he arrived here, the cigarette became a sign with stinky tofu skewered on it.

  It also read "Lu Xun said: Stinky tofu is delicious."

  He felt that he had broken through the bottom line.

  Another important point is based on truth.

He talked about the previously hit TV series "Awakening Age".

In the play, Lu Xun lay on the ground and wrote "Madman's Diary", and the manuscripts were scattered all over the floor.

But Zhou Lingfei felt that this was a bit exaggerated.

  In family memory, grandfather is a neat person.

He had to open and fold the kraft paper he bought one by one, and then wrap the kraft rope tied to it.

Even a few hours before Lu Xun's death, he chose to get out of bed and walk to the table to write a note, saying, "I am seriously ill, and hurry up to see a doctor."

  He felt that such a particular and methodical person would not be able to scatter the manuscript and write on the ground with a brush.

"This feeling is completely inconsistent with his character. Such artistic expression is not helpful to knowing Lu Xun."

  But in any case, Zhou Lingfei still hopes to let more people see Lu Xun in three-dimensional and 3D through a variety of carriers and methods.

"Perhaps when Lu Xun was born 150 years ago, the society had a different view of him."

Lu Xun's 50th birthday photo.

Photo courtesy of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  Lu Xun in the eyes of his family

  No matter what kind of three-dimensional expression the society gives to Lu Xun, in the eyes of the Zhou family, Lu Xun in life has seven emotions and six desires and is vivid.

It took Zhou Lingfei twenty years to obtain this knowledge.

  Twenty years ago, he knew nothing about his grandfather, or "a blank space".

Before, under the aura of his grandfather, he would even avoid or even evade everything about Lu Xun.

  Twenty years later, he started to work for Lu Xun and was also the president of the Lu Xun Cultural Foundation. He took over the important task of spreading and popularizing Lu Xun's spirit and culture.

"I have improved over the years, and I can say that I am closest to my grandfather." Zhou Lingfei said, this has been 20 years of being together every day.

He understood that Lu Xun was not the face of cold eyebrows in the eyes of the world.

"His smile is more serious."

  Humorous, loves to laugh, likes to drink, smoke, chat, eat, and watch movies.

Zhou Lingfei affixed these "labels" to Lu Xun.

On August 22, 1931, Lu Xun took a group photo with members of the woodcut workshop.

Photo courtesy of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  He said that Lu Xun is multifaceted.

The writer Lu Xun is different from living Lu Xun, serious Lu Xun and fun Lu Xun, rich Lu Xun and ru Zi Niu Lu Xun, spiritual Lu Xun and material Lu Xun.

This Lu Xun even likes pranks.

  From 1926 to 1927, Lu Xun served as a professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Xiamen University.

One day he went to a local barbershop to have a haircut, but he didn't dress very well, even a bit tattered.

The barber was afraid that he would not pay, so he scribbled his head.

After the cut, he grabbed a handful of money from his pocket, stuffed it into the barber's hand and left.

  For the second time, Lu Xun went to the barber again.

The barber wanted to entertain Lu Xun well, and shaved very seriously.

After it was over, Lu Xun took out a handful of money and took two yuan from it to the barber.

The barber was dumbfounded: "Why did I shave my head casually last time and you gave me so much money, but today I only gave two yuan?" Lu Xun said, last time I gave it casually, and today I am serious too.

  This is what Zhou Lingfei saw in Lu Xun's memoirs, and it still impresses him today.

He did not expect that his grandfather was so "fun".

He realized that the Lu Xun in the textbook is only flat, and the life of Lu Xun is three-dimensional and three-dimensional. He is even more happier and more life-like than other grandfathers.

  For example, Lu Xun is very hospitable and often invites friends to be guests at home.

Once he opened the door and saw friends sitting together, very happy, dancing waltz, counting the beats on his mouth, and then came in; he likes food, but he doesn’t know how to cook, and he often goes out to restaurants; he is very literary and in During the ten years in Shanghai, he watched more than 100 movies and wrote more than 160 letters during his two years in love with Xu Guangping; he likes to go for a drive in the car, likes to drink tea, likes to drink, likes to be drunk, likes Jinshi seal carving, he likes rubbings, tablet stickers, woodcuts, he likes many things.

  Zhou Lingfei felt that his grandfather had a curiosity.

At this point, Zhou Lingfei felt that he had inherited his grandfather's genes. He liked to come into contact with unknown things. He often looked for things that he didn't know, and he also had to study it thoroughly.

  Zhou Lingfei was once fortunate, but fortunately he didn't live with his grandfather, otherwise he would be "spanked" by his grandfather every day.

But the memories of his father Zhou Haiying subverted his imagination.

  Zhou Haiying mentioned one of the few scenes when Lu Xun "disciplined" his children: the newspaper was rolled into a stick, grabbed his son and hit his butt.

"Although the sound is loud, it doesn't hurt at all. But you can also feel that he is really angry." Zhou Lingfei said that Lu Xun's anger is not a day or two to be sullen, maybe 5 minutes or 10 minutes later.

  He saw the softness in the heart of this "fighter".

This softness is not like a hedgehog, leaving the thorns to others, but a kind of kindness that dares to speak up for 40,000 people.

  After Lu Xun took office in the Ministry of Education of the Nationalist Government, his monthly salary was also two to three hundred yuan.

What is this concept?

Zhou Lingfei made a comparison: At that time, the servant's salary was a big ocean.

He can buy a house with one month's salary.

Zhou Lingfei took a photo with the print Lu Xun.

Photo courtesy of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  Although his income is abundant, Lu Xun is not well-off.

Zhou Lingfei explained that his grandfather had given a lot of money to support revolutionaries and young people, and he also helped Xiao Hong, Fang Zhimin, some Communist Party members and young writers publish collections.

These are all recorded in Lu Xun's diary.

"This is also his grandfather's feelings for the country and the people, just like his abandonment of medicine and literature, but also to work for the public."

  However, as a descendant of Lu Xun, Zhou Lingfei is sometimes confused.

  A few years ago, Zhou Lingfei had a conversation with the grandson of the Japanese writer Natsume Soseki.

Natsume Soseki's grandson said that he had been living in fear for the first half of his life.

As a descendant of Natsume Soseki, I was told every day that you should be able to write, and that you can't write, you just forget your ancestors.

However, Natsume Soseki's grandson later learned manga and worked as a manga critic, which was also said to be wrong.

  That conversation made Zhou Lingfei feel the same.

  Zhou Lingfei remembers his father Zhou Haiying, who played bridge and ballroom dancing when he was in college, but others would say how Lu Xun's son can play cards and dance, and it is not easy to study well.

  Zhou Lingfei himself was impressed by one thing.

Once someone handed him a cigarette. He said he could not smoke. The other party was surprised. How could Lu Xun's grandson not smoke?

Doesn't Lu Xun smoke all day?

This made Zhou Lingfei dumbfounded.

  However, Lu Xun's "de-facialization" in recent years has made the public's understanding of Lu Xun more and more diverse.

Such dumbfounding things are becoming less and less.

This is also the goal that Zhou Lingfei and Lu Xun Cultural Foundation strive for, so that more people, especially young people, can understand the colorful and colorful spirit of Lu Xun and Lu Xun.

  Grandfather is 140 years old this year.

In Zhou Lingfei's eyes, his grandfather was still alive, vivid and full of vitality.