China News Service, Zhengzhou, September 25 (Reporter Liu Peng) In view of the flooding process in the Weihe, Lihe, and Communist Canal in Henan Province, Henan Province issued a red flood warning on the 25th.

  Flood warnings are marked in blue, yellow, orange, and red in order according to the development trend and the degree of possible harm.

The red warning signal is the highest level, indicating that the estimated water level (flow) has reached or exceeded the highest water level (maximum flow) in history, and the return period of flood elements has reached or exceeded 50 years.

  According to news from the Henan Provincial Hydrology and Water Resources Bureau that day, due to rainfall, flooding occurred in the Weihe River, the Communist Canal, the Lihe River, the Huiji River, and the Baihe River in the territory.

The floods in the communist canal in Xinxiang County and Weihui City, Weihe in Weihui and Jun County, and Baihe in Wancheng District of Nanyang City have reached the yellow warning standard; the floods in the Lihe River in Wuyang County have reached the red warning standard.

  From 6 o'clock on September 24 to 6 o'clock on September 25, the northern part of Nanyang City, which is located in southwestern Henan, suffered extremely heavy rains.

Since the early morning of the 25th, the Yahekou Reservoir in Nanyang City has increased the discharge flow to 5000 cubic meters per second.

At one time, there were 6,482 households with 27,554 people in 11 administrative villages in Nanzhao County in the territory. The signal was interrupted and contact was lost. Fortunately, as of this writing, all the missing villages have been in contact.

  Since this summer, Henan has continued to be rainy.

According to the Henan Meteorological Bureau, from January to September this year, the province’s average precipitation was 983 millimeters, which was more than 50% more than the same period in normal years, the highest since 1961.

Meteorological experts said that the main cause of abnormal precipitation is that global warming has aggravated the instability of the climate system, leading to an increase in the possibility of extreme weather.

  For some time to come, the weather in Henan is still not optimistic.

According to the forecast by the Meteorological Department, with the exception of the slightly less precipitation in southern Henan and southwestern Henan, the precipitation in other regions tends to be relatively high. It is expected that there will be 5 to 6 rainfall processes in the province before the end of October.

  As of press time, China Weather Network shows that there are 77 meteorological disaster signals in Henan that are under early warning, most of which are warnings of strong winds, thunder and lightning, and heavy rains.