China Weather News Today (September 26), there will still be light rain in Beijing during the day, with a maximum temperature of 23℃; the night will gradually become fine.

In the daytime tomorrow, the blue sky in Beijing will return, and the highest temperature will rise to 26°C.

  Yesterday, the rainfall in Beijing weakened. Monitoring showed that from 8 am on the 25th to 6 am on the 26th, the city's average precipitation was 0.9 millimeters, and the urban average was 0.5 millimeters. The city's largest precipitation occurred in Pinggu Jinhai Lake, which was 23.6 millimeters.

  During the day today, there was light rain in Beijing, the rain was gentle, and the rain was continuous in autumn; it gradually turned fine at night.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a weather forecast at 6 o'clock this morning. It is expected that today will be cloudy with light rain, northerly winds are second and third, and the maximum temperature is 23℃; at night, cloudy (light rain in northern areas) will turn to sunny, northerly second or second, and the lowest temperature will be 18 ℃.

  In the daytime tomorrow, the blue sky in Beijing will return, the sky will be high and the clouds will be pale, and the temperature will rise at the same time, with a maximum temperature of 26°C.

  Meteorological experts reminded that there is still light rain in Beijing today, and the road is slippery on rainy days. The public should pay attention to traffic safety when traveling.

Recently, there are frequent rains, high soil water content, and lagging geological disasters in mountainous areas. Please try not to visit mountainous valleys, river courses and other high-risk areas of geological disasters.