[Explanation] On September 24, the "Sichuan·Chengdu Macau Week" sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government kicked off at Jiaozi Plaza in Chengdu High-tech Zone.

The live Macau dragon dance and lion dance performances, and Macau specialty products attracted many citizens to watch and experience.

  In his speech, Li Weinong, Secretary of Economics and Finance of the Macao Special Administrative Region, said that this time the "Sichuan·Chengdu Macao Week" was jointly created by Chengdu and Macao. Many government departments, enterprises, chambers of commerce, and performance groups participated in the "Sichuan·Chengdu Macao Week". "Tourism+" brings Chengdu; through a large-scale road show, Macau's diversified tourism elements are presented.

Through a series of activities such as tourism and exhibition promotion conferences, business matching conferences, etc., promote the cooperation of related industries in Sichuan and Macao.

  [Concurrent] Li Weinong, Secretary of Economics and Finance of the Macao Special Administrative Region

  The "Creative City of Gastronomy" is also the same reputation and reputation Macau as Chengdu has.

This time, the special food promotion activities of "Sichuan·Chengdu Macau Week" greatly demonstrated the cooperation results of the two places' food culture.

I hope that the "Macao Week" series of large-scale road exhibition activities will be held to effectively promote the exchange of tourists between Macau and the Mainland.

  [Commentary] The event site also set up a wealth of Macao tourism, commerce, culture, sports and entertainment and other special elements of the booth to promote Macao's diversified tourism and commerce elements, show the rich connotation of "tourism +", and promote "safe and easy to travel" ·Charming Macau" image.

  Among them, sections such as "Explore'Macao' Secret Journey", "Decryption Grand Prix Museum", and "Macao Sports Events" show the Chengdu citizens the contents of Macao cultural and creative products, Macao Motorsport Museum, Macao mascots and so on.

Many Macao cultural and creative enterprises also brought their own original products to the scene, so that Chengdu citizens can experience the scenery and culture of Macao at their doorsteps and purchase cultural and creative products with special characteristics of Macao.

  [Concurrent] Exhibitor Gu Peiwen

  We came to "Sichuan·Chengdu Macau Week" this time and brought about 270 items, including 25 brands, all of which are toys, snacks, clothing, trendy shoes, and bags.

I mainly want to show it to the citizens of Chengdu and experience the charm and elegance of Macau.

  [Explanation] It is reported that this event also brings a total of more than 110 million yuan in discounts to Chengdu citizens. Among them, the highlight project "Macau Blind Box" will be set up and sold at booths during the event. The price of 99 yuan will be randomly distributed including hotels. A wealth of Macau tourism products such as, air tickets, attractions, food, specialty products and travel photography.

  He Meikun reports from Chengdu, Sichuan

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]