A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna were the final stars to arrive at the Met Gala.

After their joint appearance, the first talk was mainly about the huge black Balenciaga coat that the singer wore with a matching hat.

Less than two weeks later, the quilt that was part of A $ AP Rocky's outfit is now the subject of conversation.

An Instagram user recognized her.

In a post on Tuesday, she wrote that her great-grandmother's quilt had been donated to a thrift store some time ago.

"When I saw the photo from the Met Gala, it was immediately clear to me that it had to be the same blanket."

She read an article about the designer of A $ AP Rocky's outfit and learned that he found the blanket in Southern California and that his office is not far from her home in Los Angeles.

She then asked her mother to look up photos of the blanket on her old bed.

She then posted one of these pictures on Instagram, along with a photo of A $ AP Rocky at the Met Gala.

She wrote: "Looks like great-grandma Mary went to the Met Gala with A $ AP Rocky." To date, the post has enjoyed more than 17,000 users.

The fashion magazine Vogue had already devoted a separate article to A $ AP Rocky's outfit. In it, the designer Eli Russell Linnetz said that he found the quilt in a thrift store. For him it represents “a world of memories”. A $ AP Rocky's outfit was made up of a lot of old clothes. He worked with a producer who specialized in "funeral and memorial blankets". "I loved the irony of using clothing from the deceased to create this beautiful new blanket (in their honor) that will last forever," said Linnetz.

The Californian published more photos of the quilt on Saturday and made it clear that she did not accuse anyone of theft with her outgoing mail and did not want any money.

She just found it amazing that something her great-grandmother made out of love for her mother to keep her warm has now been used “by incredibly talented people for an amazing statement piece of art”.

She spoke to the designer and the blanket maker who worked so hard on the pieces.

“They are both nice people.” She and her mother still have many blankets left by their great-grandmother.