China News Service, Beijing, September 24 (Reporter Song Yusheng) The reporter was informed that recently, the Game Publishing Working Committee of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, its member units and related game companies, under the guidance of the national competent authority, jointly launched the "Online Game Industry" Convention on the Prevention of Addiction and Self-Discipline.

  The reporter noted that at present, there are many major game companies such as Tencent and NetEase among the co-sponsors of the "Self-Discipline Convention."

"Convention on the Prevention of Addiction and Self-Discipline in the Online Game Industry."

Photo courtesy of Game Publishing Committee of China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association

  Among them, it is clear and resolute to implement management requirements and establish work standards.

Game companies should improve their political positions, strengthen their responsibilities, and fully understand the importance and urgency of strengthening anti-addiction work in games; they must carefully formulate specific implementation plans and implementation rules, and do their best to prevent addiction; establish and implement "top leaders" "Responsibility system, one grasps to the end, always grasps unremittingly; adheres to the correct orientation, organizes targeted education and training for planning, R&D, and operations personnel.

  The "Self-Discipline Convention" requires that real-name authentication be resolutely implemented to accurately identify users.

Game companies (including some small game platforms) must fully access the online game anti-addiction real-name verification system of the National Press and Publication Administration; all kinds of stand-alone and console games must synchronize internal defense addiction settings and parental monitoring systems, and must be strict in downloading, purchasing, etc. Implement real-name authentication; resolutely implement the time limit for providing online games to minors and recharge consumption limits; for game products containing minor users, clearly indicate the "game age prompt" logo on the game-related interface; actively explore Use face recognition and other means to enhance the accuracy of user recognition.

  The "Self-Discipline Convention" emphasizes that we must resolutely build a strong line of defense and resist undesirable content.

Strictly abide by the bottom line of content security, and resolutely prohibit politically harmful, nihilistic, filthy, pornographic, and bloody horror and other illegal and illegal content; resolutely resist bad cultures such as money worship, "mother", "danmei", etc.; resolutely oppose the pursuit of "only money" and "only traffic" ”And other undesirable tendencies, determined to change various rules and gameplay designs that induce players to indulge; must not publish misleading, induce consumption and other content; resolutely resist bypassing the regulatory mechanism and provide services to domestic users through overseas game platforms.

  It also emphasized that platform management should be firmly consolidated and specific requirements should be clarified.

Game companies must establish and improve the management mechanism of game operation platforms. Among them, game advertising platforms must not push illegal and illegal game content, and must not push game advertisements to users forcibly; game live broadcast platforms must not set up high-value rewards and minor rewards; game TV Merchant platforms shall not provide minors with account leasing transaction services in any form; game sparring platforms shall centrally clean up illegal and illegal information and accounts, and shall not provide minors with services such as play escort and power leveling.

  The "Self-Discipline Convention" requires that we must resolutely abide by market order and prevent violations.

Game companies must resolutely abide by and maintain market order; they must operate game products in accordance with laws and regulations, and illegal operations such as operation without a version number are strictly prohibited; they must not change the operating unit without approval; establish ethical and moral audit standards, and must not invite illegal and unethical artists to speak for themselves Advertising; Resolutely resist the use of big data to "kill familiarity" and capture private information to induce users to indulge in games; strengthen copyright protection and resolutely resist bad behaviors such as plagiarism and plagiarism.

  It is clear and resolutely cooperates with the reporting platform to carry out self-examination and self-correction.

Game companies must actively cooperate with the state to prevent minors from indulging in online game reporting platforms, and conduct self-examination and self-correction in accordance with requirements; establish and improve reporting and reflection issues verification and processing response mechanisms and rectification procedures, and respond to the masses in a timely manner.

  The “Self-Discipline Convention” points out that game companies should strictly abide by the provisions of this Convention in the R&D, production, sales, operation, promotion, publicity and other business activities of game products, and fully display their books on corporate websites, game interfaces, and other prominent positions. The content of the convention uses practical actions to reflect the social responsibility and social responsibility of game companies.