In a shunting accident, a train derailed in Wolfsburg on Friday morning.

The first three wagons jumped off the rails, rammed a power pole and tore down an overhead line, as the federal police announced.

Train traffic around Wolfsburg Central Station is significantly restricted, which, according to a rail spokesman, also affects long-distance traffic on the important route between Hanover and Berlin.

After initial investigations, the train driver overlooked a signal at around 5 a.m. As a result, the Enno train ran into a so-called emergency track, which ends after a few meters. The derailed wagons came to a stop on the gravel. The train driver suffered a shock and had to receive medical attention. Passengers were not yet on the train in the accident. According to the federal police, the train traffic had meanwhile come to a standstill.

According to initial estimates, there was damage amounting to millions.

The rescue work should probably continue into the evening hours.

As the spokesman for Deutsche Bahn said, only one track can be used to pass through the station, and the trains cannot stop in Wolfsburg yet.

Because of the damaged overhead lines, the railway requested special vehicles.

These should not arrive at the accident site until around noon, it said.

“All long-distance platforms are currently blocked,” said the train spokesman.

The majority of the trains can initially only bypass Wolfsburg.

Freight traffic is also restricted.

According to the Enno operator Metronom, the Enno trains therefore temporarily start and end in the adjacent Fallersleben station.

Buses are used on the remaining route to Wolfsburg train station.