No one dreamed of it, but Nintendo did it anyway: Mario will soon be hitting screens around the world.

During its keynote on Thursday, the Japanese firm lifted the veil on all its video game projects for the months and years to come, but also and above all, on its cinematographic ambitions.

And obviously, they involve a certain Mario Mario (it is also his last name), plumber by trade (or ex-plumber, according to the Japanese site of the character).

Nintendo even went so far as to reveal the cast of this animated film, which will be produced in collaboration with Illumination, the animation studio to which we owe in particular

Moi, Moche et Méchant


Les Minions

, or

Comme des Bêtes


Tous en Scène.


A cast full of A-Listers, starting with Chris Pratt, who will lend his voice, in VO, to the title role, while Charlie Day (


) will play Luigi, his twin brother.

Beautiful people

The rest of the cast of this



is as surprising as they are prestigious: Anya Taylor-Joy will double as Princess Peach, Jack Black will be the big bad Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key will play Toad, and Seth Rogen will be Donkey Kong, the very first enemy of Mario.

Charles Martinet, who was known to video game enthusiasts as the voice of Mario since 1992 (and the very forgettable

Mario Teaches Typing

, game where Mario teaches you to type on the computer by giving advice with an Italian accent at the same time hilarious and so cartoonish that it might make you uncomfortable), will participate in the film in the form of cameos.

It is not yet clear how Nintendo will manage to integrate it into the story.

Bitter failure for the first film in 1993

The choice of Chris Pratt instead of this historic voice-over actor is already cringe on the side of the fans (sometimes a little inflexible) of the mustachioed hero, who demand that Charles Martinet get the lead role in this super production.

A first Mario film, produced in live action, was released in 1993. A bitter failure, which has kept most of the studios away from the franchise until now.

Nintendo and Illumination will they succeed in raising the bar?

Response to Christmas 2022 ...

No information has yet been released regarding the French version of this new





Shooted on sleeping pills, Chris Pratt wanted to fight with Dave Bautista

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