It was found that the Imperial Household Agency is adjusting the lump-sum payment when Mako, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Akishino, will leave the imperial family due to her marriage to Kei Komuro, in consideration of Mako's intention. rice field.

When the royal family leaves the imperial family due to marriage etc., the Imperial House Economy Law stipulates that a "lump sum" will be paid for the purpose of maintaining dignity, and in the case of "Naishinnō" like Mako, 15250 The upper limit is 10,000 yen.

Regarding this, Mako has indicated that she intends to decline the receipt based on the critical public opinion about Mr. Komuro's mother's financial troubles, and the Imperial Household Agency is considering measures while contacting the government and the Cabinet Legislation Bureau. I've been doing it.

According to the people concerned, as a result, the Imperial Household Agency has decided not to pay a lump sum to Mako, and is making adjustments so that it can be announced early next month, along with Mako's marriage schedule.

As a result, it is expected that the "Imperial Economic Conference" will not be held, chaired by the Prime Minister and deciding the amount of lump-sum payment.

Regarding the lump-sum payment, when 51 members of the 11 Miyake family left the imperial family in 1947, there was an example in which 11 male royal families who belonged to the army were not paid, but after the war, they left the imperial family due to marriage. There is no case where it was not paid to the female royal family.

In addition, it is expected that all ceremonies associated with Mako's marriage will not be held for the first time as a postwar marriage of a female royal family.