Fewer than 2,400 classes (2,366) were closed Thursday because of the Covid-19 epidemic, a figure down from last week and which represents 0.45% of the country's classes, the ministry said on Friday. 'National Education.

Nearly 3,300 classes (3,299) were closed a week ago, or 0.63% of classes in the country, according to figures from the ministry.

19 establishments closed

In this weekly update, the ministry also indicates that 19 school structures (18 schools and one college) are closed because of the Covid epidemic, or 0.032% of establishments.

Finally, 4,154 of the 10,700 middle and high schools offered "a vaccination course" to the students.

For the start of the school year, the ministry has retained the “level 2” health protocol (out of 4) which authorizes all students to be received face-to-face and requires them to wear a mask indoors, except in kindergarten.

This obligation in primary can be lifted from October 4 in schools in the least affected departments (incidence rate stabilized below 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants).

A case of Covid in an elementary school class leads to a closure, as in June.

In the event of contamination in middle or high school, only unvaccinated contact cases students must isolate themselves for one week.


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