[Explanation] In order to solve the problem of staying with patients' families and reduce medical expenses, Guangxi Liuzhou Maternity and Child Health Hospital has set up a "Warm Xiaozhan" warm-hearted dormitory.

A few days ago, the reporter saw at the "Warm Little Station" of Liudong Branch of Liuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital. There are two dormitories for men and women. There are a total of 15 bunk beds in the room. Air-conditioning, drinking fountains, bedding, water heaters and other facilities are available. All the families of patients who have no fixed accommodation in the city will be allowed to "check in with a bag" for free.

  [Concurrent] Zeng Dingyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangxi Liuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital

  The proportion of patients in our hospital, especially paediatric patients, come from outside Liuzhou City. These children often spend a long time in the hospitalization process and need the company of their families. We have noticed for a long time. The family members of these children had no place to live during the hospitalization period of our children, and they just sat on the chairs in the corridor (rest). So we thought at the time whether we could provide a place to stay for the family members of these children who need to be hospitalized. .

  [Explanation] In order to provide better services to the families of patients, the Party Committee of Liuzhou Maternity and Child Health Hospital combined party history to learn and educate "I do practical things for the masses", and invested nearly 100,000 yuan to build a dormitory "Warm Station" in the Liudong Branch of the hospital ", to provide free accommodation for the families of patients with no fixed accommodation and difficulties in Liuzhou.

  [Explanation] Zhong Yanglian, the patient's family member, received the free accommodation service of the "Warm Xiaozhan" after applying.

Because the child was born prematurely, Zhong Yanglian and her husband made a special trip to Liuzhou City from Wuzhou City, Guangxi Province to see a doctor. Because the child was sick, they had already spent nearly 100,000 yuan in medical expenses.

  [Concurrent] Zhong Yanglian, a family member of the patient

  It’s the first time for us to come here (Liuzhou). We don’t know much about the place and consumption (level). (If there is no "warm station"), we will go outside to see if there is a house for rent. If it is really not ( Live in), just here (the ward) to spend day after day.

There are air conditioners, water heaters, water dispensers, and all of them are available for home use. It feels like returning home.

  [Explanation] Chen Shaorong is another family member of a patient who came to seek medical treatment from Guigang, Guangxi. The sister who was hospitalized to accompany him also slept in a hospital chair for a few nights. After learning about it, the hospital applied for him to be admitted to the "warm little station".

  [Contemporary] The patient’s family member Chen Shaorong slept in the chair a few days ago. Because of funding problems, I didn’t even consider going to the (hotel). At present, more than 60,000 medical expenses have been spent, so it’s pretty good to live here. The toilets here are better, but in short it's pretty okay.

  [Explanation] For families of patients with difficulties, every cent saved in accommodation is a glimmer of hope for saving the lives of their loved ones.

Zeng Dingyuan said that although setting up a "warm little station" will increase hospital operating costs, it is worthwhile to help patients reduce the burden.

  [Concurrent] Zeng Dingyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangxi Liuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital

  We not only provide a place for the people to live in, but the most important thing is that our hospital also has a supervisory department management department, including the admission system and procedures, including safety guarantees, etc. We are all supporting them as much as possible. To provide the public with a better medical experience.

  [Explanation] In addition to reducing expenses for patients' families, the "Warm Xiaozhan" also provides convenience for accompanying family members.

There is a canteen next to the warm station, and there is a free transfer car between the clinics when traveling in the urban area, which is very convenient for the families of patients.

Up to now, the hospital's "Warm Xiaozhan" has received more than 50 patients' family members.

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Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]