After the detection of an epidemic focus last week, a new screening campaign organized in recent days revealed around 40 cases of Covid-19 among inmates of the Angoulême remand center (Charente).

According to the interregional directorate of the prison administration, 41 inmates, out of the 225 in Angoulême prison, were tested positive for Covid-19.

A union source indicates for its part that 42 detainees (40 men, a woman and a minor) are infected.

Unions protest against prison overcrowding

All prison activities were "put on standby" except the visiting rooms for uninfected inmates, which were fitted out with "full height separation devices", while the positive and contact cases were grouped together in specific sectors, the administration said.

Because of this cluster, "the atmosphere is more and more electric" in the establishment, confided a union source.

In addition, the unions are protesting against prison overcrowding and calling for the creation of around thirty individual showers in the cells.

According to them, taking a collective shower may have encouraged the spread of the virus.

A new screening campaign should be carried out next week.


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