"The Butcher of Giza" awaits the fourth death sentence...Details of his horrific crimes

Gaddafi, Faraj Abdel-Ati, known in the media as the “Butcher of Giza,” is awaiting the fourth death sentence, for the murder of a worker who defrauded her, in conjunction with her fiancé, as he disposed of her by luring her to a store in the Asafra area in Alexandria governorate, after impersonating his friend. Reda was his first victim, and he strangled her until she breathed her last and died, and buried her body inside one of the rooms in his own storage room.

The Giza Criminal Court in Egypt postponed the trial of Gaddafi Farag to the November 16 session, in which he is accused of killing his wife Fatima Zakaria and hiding her body.

According to Al-Watan newspaper, the first death sentence was issued against the butcher of Giza, on charges of killing his friend, after he was lured to his apartment in the Bulaq El-Dakrour area, where he invited him to have lunch with him, where he poisoned him in the food, then dealt him a fatal blow to his head using A piece of iron, and not only that, but put it inside a bag and moved it to another apartment belonging to the victim and buried his body inside.

The accused committed his crime against his friend, after stealing the victim's money that he had with him to operate for 20 years, until a death sentence was passed against him.

A second death sentence was issued against the accused Gaddafi, on March 27, for the murder of his sister-in-law, before his marriage to Fatima al-Zahra, so he lured the victim to one of his apartments in the Bulaq al-Dakrour area as well, and strangled her until she turned into a lifeless body after she breathed her last. She died, and he put her in a refrigerator and then moved her to another apartment inside the same property where his friend was buried and he buried her, and her family deluded her that she had fled abroad.

This came after she pressured him to leave her sister and marry her in implementation of a prior agreement between them, so he got rid of her.

The third death sentence was issued against him on April 5 last, on charges of killing one of his wives, Fatima Zakaria, as he hit her head against the wall after an argument between them over household expenses, and her body was transferred to the apartment where he transferred his friend’s body, where he buried her with all her clothes and gold works.

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