On the afternoon of September 24, the "Remember the 90th Anniversary of the September 18th Incident, the Donation Ceremony of Historical Materials of the Anti-Japanese War" was held at the "September 18th" History Museum in Shenyang.

  More than 20 people including cultural relic collectors, collectors enthusiasts, contemporary calligraphers and museum leaders from all walks of life attended the donation ceremony.

During this donation ceremony, the museum received a total of 62 pieces (sets) of cultural relics and historical materials from all walks of life during the Anti-Japanese War.

  Historical documents collector Zhan Hongge donated two precious archives and historical materials published by Japan during the Anti-Japanese War, "History of the Manchurian Incident" and "Real Records of the Manchurian Incident".

According to Zhan Hongge, the two so-called "History and Chronicles" compiled by the Japanese aggressors for the first time demonstrated their ambitions to invade and occupy China, and also recorded the numerous crimes they committed in launching a war of aggression.

  It is reported that this is also the 28th time Mr. Zhan Hongge has donated to the museum, and the total number of cultural relics and historical materials he has donated has reached nearly 100.

(Wang Yilin)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]