Since the first positive case was discovered on September 10, Xianyou County, Putian City, Fujian Province has attracted attention from all walks of life.

Zheng Ruiwen, who is more than fifty years old, is a native of Huanggang, Hubei. For the past ten days, he has worn a full set of protective equipment every day and rushed between the nucleic acid testing sampling points and the shelter laboratory.

After the outbreak, Xianyou County Anda Taxi Co., Ltd. dispatched 30 taxis to participate in the task of transporting nucleic acid test samples. As a taxi driver, Zheng Ruiwen took the initiative to ask.

  In the convoy, many drivers, like him, are from Hubei. In order to cope with the gathering time of the masses, in many cases, the taxi drivers have to carry out the transportation work until midnight.

However, in their view, participating in the anti-epidemic transportation guarantee is their responsibility and honor.

  According to statistics, from September 12 to 23, 30 taxis carried a total of 356 nucleic acid samples, with a total of 3,352,208 tubes of samples.

(Reporter Wu Shengwei)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]