The mystery is finally raised: Lena Situations has revealed the reason why she had stayed away from social media since last week.

The YouTuber had indeed announced radio silence for an indefinite period, in order to carry out a project that she had preferred to keep secret.

His absence will have lasted a week to live this "adventure" on the other side of the world, but not the one that all his fans imagined.

“7 days and 5800 meters later, we did it: the ascent of Kilimanjaro (sic.) The highest mountain in Africa, the most beautiful landscape that we have ever seen, but above all the adventure. most difficult physically and mentally in my life.

So much has happened in 5800 meters: ups, downs, tears, new friends, laughter, falls and a dream come true, ”posted the young woman on Instagram in the caption of a series of photos of his journey.

Always higher

Lena Mahfouf (her real name) didn't just make her dream come true.

She also and above all drew the material from what promises to be a huge video on YouTube.

The influencer has announced it: the next video on her channel will be epic.

“So many things that a long text would not even be enough to describe this adventure to you.

On the other hand, can a big video do the trick?

See you on October 10 on my YouTube channel!

I can not wait to find you my chips, in the meantime I have to synthesize 800GB of rush and as many memories to make you also experience the adventure a little ”, confided the companion of Seb La Frite, who obviously has it. accompanied.

See you next month to learn more about the adventures of Lena Situations!


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