Highlights its role in enabling trade movement around the world

Dubai Ports... an architectural and technical icon that fascinates visitors to "Expo 2020"


DP World has completed its preparations for the global event "Expo 2020 Dubai", where it is participating in an integrated pavilion that is an architectural and technical icon that fascinates its visitors from different groups, and is based on the concept of "enhancing the flow of trade movement", and highlights its role in enabling trade movement around the world, so that people can They get the goods they need, when they want them.

The Executive Director and General Manager of DP World - Emirates Region and Jafza, Abdullah bin Demaithan, said that the slogan of Expo 2020 Dubai “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” is only a summary description of all the values, achievements and successes that Dubai Ports represents throughout its previous journey. The region's most connected commercial and logistics hub, with its network of more than 180 business units in 64 countries across six continents. Based on this superior interdependence, it contributes to making the future of the supply chain and supply chain, enabling societies to produce and succeed, and giving its members the opportunity to realize the ambitious dream of building a better future.

He stressed that their goal in participating in this event is to introduce the world to the vision of Dubai Ports, and open horizons to think about the future of the new global economy, which is based on "sustainability first", in order for humanity to live in a better planet, in which peoples and countries exchange benefits and added value. Everyone gets their right to a decent life through fair trade.

exceptional opportunity

He pointed to the exceptional opportunity to achieve this vision, through the modern technologies that Dubai Ports possesses, which will overcome many of the challenges that previously faced global economies, such as the difficulty of accessing major commodities sources such as food and medicine, or securing vital supplies. Through what Dubai Ports is doing in developing digital tools enhanced by artificial intelligence and high-speed transportation, and building automated, self-operating storage facilities to develop efficient access to the supply and supply chain, as well as what is promised by modern technologies in the field of hydroponics and vertical farms, which the company adopts in a number of With its business units and complexes, it hopes to create a better future for societies, and this event will be an ideal opportunity to rally the world's efforts with it.

And about the preparations of DP World - Emirates Region for the launch of “Expo 2020” and the features and services that it will provide to the participating countries.. He indicated that the company has worked on preparing a number of services for visitors to “Expo 2020 Dubai”, most notably storage services and warehouses of various types that are covered or refrigerated with short-term contracts. It meets the needs of companies that will display their products during the event, and has also launched a number of smart services, allowing to benefit from logistics and transportation services, as well as clearance, and everything that exhibitors need.

Education and enlightenment center

The Executive Director and General Manager of DP World - Emirates Region and Jafza, Abdullah bin Demaithan, said that the "Flow Pavilion", which was established within the activities of the Expo, will be a center for education and enlightenment for future generations, in order to achieve leadership in the economy and smart fair trade, for this purpose a part is dedicated to students Schools, to learn about the areas of work in the global supply chain and supply chain, and their role in achieving the growth and prosperity of societies, as well as the Universities Forum in which 30 universities will participate over a period of six months, in addition to the Flow Lab, which will allow students Learn about the future of carbon-neutral shipping, by playing virtual and real games.

Abdullah bin Demaithan: "The (Expo 2020 Dubai) logo summarizes all the values, achievements and successes represented by Dubai Ports over its previous course."

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