Along with the autumn national traffic safety campaign, a "Goma prayer" was held at a temple in Adachi-ku, Tokyo to pray for local traffic safety, and police officers from the Metropolitan Police Department and mascot character "Pipo-kun" participated.

At "Nishiarai Daishi" in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, which is known for its warding off evil, police officers from the Metropolitan Police Department, "Pipo-kun", and the mascot characters of the ward gathered.

At the main hall of the temple, the monks chanted sutras to the sound of the drums and put "Gomaki" on which their wishes were written on fire one after another to pray for traffic safety in the area.

After that, the participants moved to an intersection with a pedestrian crossing near the temple, and together with local elementary school students, raised a board with the letters "traffic safety" made of paper cranes and called on drivers and others to prevent accidents.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there have been a series of accidents involving pedestrians and bicycles on pedestrian crossings in Tokyo, which was 921 by last month, an increase of more than 20% from the same period last year.

Nobori Kaneko, chief of the Nishiarai police station, said, "It is important for drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to each other in order to prevent accidents, so I would like to raise awareness."