In the series “I like to add fuel to the fire”, here is the episode with… Johnny Depp!

The actor, who last year lost his libel case against the tabloid 

The Sun

, which had called him a “batter of women”, believes today to be the victim of an “injustice”.

And more exactly of what is called the "cancel culture", that is to say that he was blacklisted overnight for a reason, according to him, not at all justified.

“We can consider it as a historical event which will last as long as it lasts, but this cancel culture, this instantaneous will to judge based on what essentially amounts to polluted air.

It's so out of control now that I can promise you no one is safe.

Not one of you.

No one outside this door.

No one is safe, ”he said, according to Deadline, at the Donostia award ceremony at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

And to add, defiantly: “This kind of thing did not happen to me only.

It happened to women, to men.

Unfortunately, at some point, they start to think that this is normal.

Or that it's their fault.

While this is not the case ”.

After his defeat in court, Johnny Depp notably lost a role in

Fantastic Beasts 3

, the

Harry Potter

spin-off franchise

, in which he played Grindelwald.

" Stand up "

Johnny Depp even referred directly to the judgment of the British high court, which found him wrong, by urging the public not to let it go, if some people find themselves one day in the same situation as him.

“It doesn't matter if a judgment, in some way, took an artistic license (sic).

When there is an injustice, whether against you or against someone you love, or someone you believe in - stand up, don't let it go.

Because that person will need you, ”he added, as a message to his fans.

Johnny Depp is preparing for another libel lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard this time around.

The procedure has been postponed several times and is expected to start next year.

The actor is claiming no less than $ 50 million from the



, who retaliated by suing him for $ 100 million.

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