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, we find our meeting "La Bulle" for this return. We talk about school and meritocracy with Annabelle Allouch, lecturer in sociology at the University of Picardie-Jules Verne, associate researcher at the National Audiovisual Institute, author of


(Anamosa editions), and Mahi Traoré , principal of a Parisian high school, author of

Je suis noire but I'm not complaining, I could have been a woman

(Robert Laffont editions).

Two books around the notion of academic merit.



, the sociologist Annabelle Allouch evokes and questions this notion, in which her father, a storist, firmly believed.

One of the theses of the book is that school, academic merit, diplomas continue to structure our social identities, to structure public space.

And that this “fictional discourse” on merit omits that, statistically, merit is never distinct from inheritance.

This "merit", as we see it, can finally fragment society.

Merit, a speech, an instrument


I am black but I am not complaining, I could have been a woman,

Mahi Traoré, tells about her career, her ambitions and her difficulties to occupy, today, a prestigious position within the National Education. Born in Bamako, she came with her family in the 1980s to Clichy-La-Garenne, in the Paris region, before returning to Mali. She returned to France for her studies at La Sorbonne, and is today the first black principal of Malian origin in the capital. In this life story, Mahi Traoré also looks back on the succession of racist and sexist “micro-aggressions” suffered and the pressure of patriarchal society. Finally, she calls on young people of foreign origin to take their place in French society.

What definition of merit?

What is the reality of merit in French society?

What place for gender in the notion of merit?

These are some of the questions for this interview to be found on your favorite listening platform and above.

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"The integration of all social categories by meritocracy works less and less"


"Journalism is the bourgeois profession par excellence", estimates Nesrine Slaoui, journalist 

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