A mysterious story occupies Iraq.. his wife was burned and thrown into the river, and she appeared alive

 The Iraqi authorities in Babil Governorate released a young man accused of killing his wife and burning her body, but it was later revealed that she was alive.

In the details of the incident, the young man went to report his wife's disappearance to the police station, which detained him, and began investigating the circumstances of the wife's disappearance, so that the investigators could extract a confession from the young man that he killed her and hid her body, while journalists said that the accused was severely tortured.

According to the video, which was republished by activists and bloggers, the accused young man said that he took his wife to visit a religious shrine, and after returning, he stopped near the river, strangled his wife, burned her body, and then returned to his home.

Iraqis questioned how to obtain confessions, and whether the investigator saw the crime scene, the effects of the burning, as well as the absence of forensic data, and the handling of the remains of the body, which are missing links in the case.

The case provoked various reactions from bloggers on social networking sites and the media, amid calls for the Minister of Interior to resign and to dismiss the police chief of Babylon.

For its part, the Babil Governorate Police Command announced that it had taken action against the officer who investigated the case of the man and his wife.

In a statement, it stated that it had taken measures to investigate the case and ascertain whether the detainee had been subjected to torture, according to the Iraqi News Agency.

She also explained that "there are family problems between the spouses that may have pushed the woman to run away or something like that."