Uma Thurman wrote a poignant column in the

Washington Post

to denounce the recently passed anti-abortion law in Texas.

In this American state, it is now forbidden to undergo an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

In addition, citizens of the state can denounce those who perform abortion, as well as those who have recourse to it, after this period and file a complaint against them for a reward of "at least 10,000 dollars" specifies




Kill Bill


therefore defended the right of women to dispose of their own bodies and revealed that she had resorted to voluntary termination of pregnancy.

Uma Thurman said she got pregnant as a teenager from an "older man" and chose abortion because she was unable to provide a stable home for a child.

“It was my darkest secret so far.

I am 51 years old and I share this with you, while I am at home, in the house where I raised my three children who are my pride and my joy ”, explains the actress.


Uma Thurman also denounced a law "discriminatory against those who are economically disadvantaged". She also attacked a measure that "pits citizens against each other, creating new surveillance militias that will focus on these disadvantaged women, denying them the choice not to have children if they do not. can not take care of them and taking away all hope of the future family they wish to have ”.

The actress, who has since become a mother of three, spoke to "women and girls in Texas who fear being traumatized and stalked by bounty hunters" as well as "all women outraged to see their rights over their own bodies monopolized by the state ”, and to those who“ face shame because you have a womb ”.

" I see you.

Be courageous.

You are beautiful.

You remind me of my daughters, ”she concluded.


United States: After the ultra-restrictive law of Texas, the abortion battle is total

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