• Since September 15, caregivers have been required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus under penalty of being suspended.

    Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, announced last Thursday that 3,000 caregivers had been suspended for refusing to comply with this obligation.

  • In a very viral rant video, a Facebook user posing as a nurse accuses the government of lying.

    She says that in fact 300,000 of her colleagues were suspended.

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    investigated ...

"I am a nurse, well I was".

The one who comes under the first name of Claire begins her video "rant", published on social networks a few days ago.

She claims to have been suspended because she is not vaccinated against Covid-19.

Since September 15, nursing staff are required to have received two injections of vaccine to be able to exercise, under penalty of suspension.

In this sequence, the nurse, very angry, accuses the government of lying about the number of her suspended colleagues.

“Do you really think there are only 3,000 caregivers kicked out?

The real numbers are 300,000!

"Doctors, nurses, hospital service workers, ambulance, firefighters ... She calls on staff to protest:" How do we organize ourselves?

We have plenty of time now.


On September 15, Olivier Véran, Minister of Health announced that 3,000 caregivers have been suspended in France.

But what exactly does the government figure mean?

Which establishments are included?

Are people on sick leave or maternity leave counted?

Are overseas included? 

20 Minutes

took stock.


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, the Ministry of Health indicates that the figure of 300,000 "corresponds to health professionals still having to submit to the vaccination obligation". Or about 10% of the workforce. On the other hand, the 3,000 agents mentioned by Olivier Véran correspond "to the suspensions of activity noted among hospital staff". A figure that has "no doubt evolved since the announcement of the Minister" almost a week ago.

Liberal professionals, firefighters and other paramedics are therefore not included in the figure mentioned by the Minister of Health. No more than the agents of certain overseas territories, where the vaccination obligation has been postponed due to the surge in Covid-19 cases. The Guadeloupe University Hospital thus announced a few days ago that caregivers should all be vaccinated "from October 15". People on sick leave are not counted either.

The firm Olivier Veran also recognized with our colleagues of the


 that the figure announced by the Minister of Health was "part and parcel".

"It is about 3,000 lifts on the day of Wednesday [September 15], at a moment T, make establishment by establishment".

And to add that a new figure was also in the process of "consolidation".


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Coronavirus: Where is the vaccination of caregivers on the first day of its obligation?

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