China News Service, Hohhot, September 21 (Reporter Zhang Wei) In the early morning of the 21st, Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics officially issued a notice on the handling of the school's molestation of female student teacher Wu Feng's misconduct: expelling from the party and dismissing her teacher.

  The report stated that on the evening of September 17, 2021, netizens reported on the self-media platform that teachers of the school harassed and molested students.

After investigation, the target of the report was Wu Feng, a teacher of Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics, and he determined that his behavior seriously violated social ethics and teacher ethics and caused bad social impact.

  After research, it was decided to give Wu Feng a penalty of expulsion from the party, and his post was downgraded from a third-level professor to a ninth-level staff member.

Revocation of the honors and titles he received, recovery of relevant bonuses, and dismissal of teachers.

Report to the educational authority of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to revoke its teacher qualifications.

  The school decided to immediately carry out a special education activity to further strengthen teacher ethics and teaching style throughout the school, educate all faculty and staff to strictly observe the bottom line of teacher ethics, and earnestly abide by the ten standards of teacher professional conduct, and strive to create a clean and upright education. Human environment.

  It is understood that on September 17, a netizen posted a long article on Weibo titled "Complaint: Harassment and Obscenity by a Professor", claiming that he was taught by the School of Marxism during his undergraduate studies at Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics. Wumou’s obscene experience, with several screenshots of WeChat chats suspected to be chatting with "Wumou."