Elon Musk was not kind to Joe Biden in one of his last tweets.

The billionaire and boss of Tesla and SpaceX was reacting to the success of Inspiration4, the orbital flight that took four tourists for three days in space.

And to an Internet user, who asked him why the American president had not reacted to the news, the entrepreneur tried humor.

“He's still sleeping,” he posted.

An insult that resembles the one that often came up during the presidential campaign, when Donald Trump called Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe”, Joe asleep (while Joe Biden is only three years older than his predecessor).

The war of memes

If Joe Biden still has not rushed to congratulate SpaceX and its boss, Elon Musk has a theory on the reasons for this "oversight".

The President of the United States would not want to give him any public support because of the auto workers union, UAW, for United Auto Workers.

According to CNN, the head of state has done everything since his arrival in power to calm the concerns of the organization.

Unionists believe his push to do everything to promote electric vehicles could cost thousands of Americans their jobs.

A theory that did not escape a surfer, who shared a meme using an image from the film


We can see a "facehugger" hanging from the face of one of its victims, whose name is "Joe Biden", while the creature is "UAW", the very powerful American automobile union.


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