Europe 1 10:00 am, September 21, 2021

The editorial staff of the "Journal du Dimanche" is launching its new podcast on Tuesday, September 21: "The 20 secrets of Asterix".

In 3 minutes, discover everything you always wanted to know about your favorite Gaul!


The whole world knows Asterix and his band of irreducible Gauls who "still and always resist the invader" ... But do you know where the names of Asterix and Obelix come from?

Where exactly is their village located?

And why do its inhabitants love wild boars?

In "The 20 secrets of Asterix", the new original podcast of the Journal du Dimanche, produced by Europe 1 Studio on the occasion of the release of the new album "Asterix and the Griffon", the journalist Vivien Vergnaud reveals the answers to all these questions… and many more! 

Every week, from Monday to Thursday, discover, in 3 minutes, everything you always wanted to know about the universe of your favorite Gaul!

The first episodes are available on:


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-Amazon music


"Les 20 secrets d'Astérix" is a podcast from "Le Journal du Dimanche" produced by Europe 1 Studio in partnership with Albert René editions

Texts: Cyril Petit and Marie Quenet

Presentation: Vivien Vergnaud 

Director: Xavier Jolly 

Production: Timothée Magot

Edition and distribution: Clémence Olivier with Salomé Journo 

Graphics: Jérémi Cousin