He left the Logis du Bondon departmental children's center in Vannes on Saturday around 7 p.m. and has not given any news since. Police have called for witnesses after Khalib's disturbing disappearance. Aged 10, the child is of North African type, measures between 1.35 m and 1.40 m, of fine build, short brown hair and brown eyes. When he left the home he was dressed in gray shorts with white stripes down the side, a blue Italy football team t-shirt, a pair of black tap shoes and was wearing red sneakers. He wears prescription glasses and has a navy blue backpack from the Eastpak brand.

According to the police, he is likely to go to the town of Roudouallec, on the border between Morbihan and Finistère.

The child has no identity papers, no means of payment and no telephone.

Anyone with information to try to find the boy is invited to contact the Vannes police station at


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