My name is Gan Huiqiong, and my family lives in Changji, Xinjiang. I like to work with dough. It’s Mid-Autumn Festival. I want to combine traditional Chinese steamed buns with moon cakes to make our moon cakes not only beautiful, but also delicious, so I just Self-taught to make "fancy" moon cakes.

I made some for my relatives and friends. They liked it very much. Some took pictures and posted them on the Internet. I wanted to make this for everyone to try, but it turned out to be good. Friends passed on from friends and asked me to make more and more mooncakes. Busy till late every day.

  Affected by my grandmother, I have been fascinated by Hua Mo since I was a child. In recent years, I have produced many cartoon Hua Mo such as Fuwa, Mermaid, etc., which are also highly praised by everyone.

I now make five kinds of moon cakes, Cantonese-style mooncakes, Soviet-style mooncakes, snowy mooncakes, rice mooncakes, crystal mooncakes, but everyone prefers Cantonese-style mooncakes and snowy mooncakes. They use glutinous rice flour and ordinary flour. , Butter, eggs, milk powder, they need the color, green I use colorful powder, black I use chocolate, blue I use butterfly pea flowers, so that you can make colorful moon cakes.

  I also explored the taste of moon cakes by myself. The shape is the classic moon cake shape to innovate. Although I have not learned painting for a day, I searched for information and tried to make moon cakes of various flavors. There are more flavors.

  The Cantonese-style mooncakes are baked after I make the shapes, and the snowy mooncakes are made after I steam them.

When making mooncakes, you must prepare raw materials, mix noodles, mix stuffing, color matching, shape, and steaming.

  The first time I made pastry, I made a little bear. Others looked more like it. According to my own standards, I was very dissatisfied.

Compared with the current works, what I did back then was ugly.

In order not to be disturbed and to devote more attention to the creation, I often choose to stay in the kitchen alone in the dead of night, enjoying the joy of making.

  The mooncakes I make now have more than 30 shapes and more than 20 flavors, such as peanuts, pumpkins, rabbits, etc., and flavors such as golden sand yellow liquid heart, chocolate liquid heart, colorful liquid heart and so on.

  I can make delicious and fancy mooncakes that I make now. Actually, thanks to my husband's understanding and support for so many years.

Sometimes a person can't do a styling, he will encourage me on the sidelines, try again, and slowly accumulate experience in this way, making more and more pastries, and the more you do, the more satisfied you become.

  Thank you very much for your love of my "fancy" moon cakes. I hope that while inheriting Chinese cuisine, my "fancy" moon cakes will bring you more surprises in shape and taste. I will continue to work hard in the future to make more beautiful and delicious foods. Moon cakes.

  Reporter Rong Rui reports from Changji, Xinjiang

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]