Donghuamen discovered that "Yongle Dadian" was being explored?

Forbidden City: fake, normal construction

  Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Chang) Last night this morning, there was news on the Internet that there was a large-scale construction outside the Donghua Gate of the Forbidden City.

This morning (September 19), the reporter learned from the Forbidden City that the rumors were not true and the related construction was only a high-voltage power capacity increase project.

The reason why the construction is carried out at night is not to affect the visit of the audience. During the day, the relevant construction sites will also be covered with simple enclosures.

  It is reported that the relevant works will be completed by the end of September at the earliest, and the normal construction time is from 1 am to 4 or 5 am every day.

A picture posted on the Internet is actually a well used in construction, not an archeological project.

“If you want to start archaeological excavations in the Forbidden City, you need to apply for approval from the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. The construction is not done in such a small model. This is too underestimating the strength of the Forbidden City.” The relevant person in charge said.