• 13 tricks from the greatest expert to get the best croquettes


  • 0.9 l milk

  • 100g butter

  • 80 g of flour

  • 300 g of Iberian bait ham

  • 1 ham bone

  • 0.1 l whipping cream

  • 4 eggs

  • Panko


The first step, and there comes the trick that will provide an intense flavor to the croquettes, is to

infuse the ham bone in the milk and cream.

Then, in a pan or saucepan, sauté the butter with the flour until it is cooked.

You know, you have to

stir continuously

for at least 5 minutes, if possible with a rod.

Add the infused milk and cream mixture to this dough and continue cooking over low heat for half an hour.

After this time,

add the chopped ham

and cook it all for another 15 minutes.

Spread the dough on a tray and leave it to

rest in the fridge for 12 hours.

When they have elapsed, it is time to shape the croquettes with your hands, either as round balls (as in the image), or with the traditional shape.

Now you have to pass them first through beaten egg and then through


- it can also be

traditional breadcrumbs,

but they will be less crunchy.

And to fry them in sunflower oil at 180 degrees.

Don't forget to put them on

absorbent paper

to remove excess fat.

And to eat!

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