[Explanation] The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a traditional Chinese folk festival.

Folk customs such as worshipping the moon, admiring the moon, and eating moon cakes have been passed down to this day.

The beautiful myth of "Chang'e Flying to the Moon" has been closely linked with the Mid-Autumn Festival since ancient times.

  [Explanation] Recently, Ye Liyuan, a "post-90s" girl from Wuhan, combined traditional culture and modern art, swayed and danced in the water, and ran towards the full moon reflected in the water, demonstrating the myths and legends underwater. Beautiful.

  [Explanation] Ye Liyuan, born in 1996, has loved traditional Chinese culture since he was a child. At the end of this year, he will study abroad to study drama writing. He may not have time to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with his family in the next few years, so I want to use the performance of flying from the bottom of the sea to the moon this year. Send a blessing to the family.

  [Concurrent] Ye Liyuan

  The Mid-Autumn Festival is here, and in October and November this year, I will soon go abroad to study again.

I hope that on this Mid-Autumn Festival, I will use such a performance to send my family blessings for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

  [Explanation] It is reported that this time Chang'e is flying to the moon by free diving, which has higher requirements for physical condition and ability.

Prior to this, she had been training continuously for more than half a month, and she had to go into the water more than a dozen times a day. On average, she trained underwater for more than 6 hours a day.

  [Concurrent] Ye Liyuan

  When I first entered the water in Hanfu, I was not proficient enough at that time, so when the whole yarn was very heavy, the whole person sank down, and then he had to swing his legs to the upper reaches. The whole person was very in the water. ugly.

Especially like a little frog to survive.

After half a month of training, after 6 hours of training a day, I was very comfortable when I got into the water.

  [Explanation] Ye Liyuan said that he likes Chinese traditional culture very much and hopes to have some special memories before studying abroad. Therefore, in the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, the traditional culture and diving sports are combined together, hoping to fly to the moon through the seabed The new interpretation of the new form of Chang'e brings the myth of Chang'e flying to the moon abroad, and introduces the traditional holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival to more people.

  [Concurrent] Ye Liyuan

  In recent years, diving as a new sport has suddenly become popular. Then we can also see that many seniors have tried some diving activities on the theme of Hanfu before, and I think this is a good idea. .

And because some of the great diving gods we have come into contact with are all foreign, we want to let foreigners know that in fact, we use Chinese culture to combine with foreign diving, and the Chinese can do more beautifully.

  Reporter Zheng Ziyan reports from Wuhan, Hubei

Editor in charge: [Wu Qingcai]