At the beginning of September, when Nie Haisheng was asked what he wanted to eat most in an online interview, Nie Haisheng replied: "We still want to eat beef mixed noodles in Xiangyang!"

  "Welcome the space hero Nie Haisheng to come home to taste Xiangyang beef mixed noodles" "Look forward to the hero's triumph, the Xiangyang beef mixed noodles you want to eat, hometown people have enough"...From September 16th, there are a lot of beef in the streets and alleys of Xiangyang. (Niu Miscellaneous) A welcome banner has been hung up in the noodle restaurant.

  At a beef noodle restaurant in Dingzhong Street, Fancheng District, Xiangyang City, there are currently 10 trainees from other places learning making skills.

The store manager Zhang Hu introduced that the store not only sells beef noodles, but also trains relevant chefs.

After astronaut Nie Haisheng "proclaimed" that he wanted to eat his hometown beef noodles in space, more foreigners came to learn and train.

  According to reports, there are more than 4,300 beef noodle restaurants in Xiangyang, with annual operating income of about 3 billion yuan.

(Hu Chuanlin produced by Le Xiaomin)

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