[Explanation] Forming the country’s first primary school student interpreter club, training more than 1,000 primary interpreters, and exploring emotional education... Wu Rongjin, the principal of Luwan No. 1 Central Primary School in Huangpu District, Shanghai, continues to pursue it through educational practice one after another With his own educational dream.

  In the 27 years of taking root in basic education, Wu Rongjin has won many different titles.

In the eyes of students, she is the "Mama Yunduo" who can name all the students in the school; in the eyes of parents, she is a serious and responsible person who is online 24 hours a day, "Ms. Radiation to the "seed principals" of rural schools.

  As early as 2004, Wu Rongjin and her colleagues began to explore the construction of an emotional education system that "empowers emotions".

Apart from the weekly school classes, Wu Rongjin can use 15 minutes to give students emotional education classes in person, and build a bridge of spiritual communication with students.

  Wu Rongjin believes that every student has an "acupuncture path". This "acupuncture path" may be a specialty, a point of interest, a hidden emotion, or a unique quality. Find this "acupuncture path" and click on it. The potential can be stimulated, education can hit the point and get twice the result with half the effort.

  [Concurrent] Wu Rongjin, Principal of Luwan One Central Primary School

  In the childhood stage of a child, we incorporate emotional factors into the entire education and teaching process, which will help him grow up healthily in the future, have positive and healthy emotions to cope with his study and life, and even form a complete personality.

  [Explanation] In addition to frequent exchanges with current and graduated students, there are many students and parents from other schools who will also find Wu Rongjin for help, hoping to help them solve educational problems.

Although these tasks took up a lot of her time, Wu Rongjin was very happy to help.

  Zhang Xiaoci, a fifth-grade student at Luwan No. 1 Central Primary School, said that she especially likes "Mother Yunduo", and the emotional education class helped her understand how to get along with her classmates.

  [Concurrent] Student Zhang Xiaoci

  Sometimes when I have conflicts with my classmates, I think of some methods taught in the emotional education class, so I followed my classmates, so I took the initiative to make peace with my classmates, and then the two of us discussed how to do it ourselves. Where is wrong? Is there such a (method) that needs to understand the other party first, and then lose your temper.

  [Explanation] Located in the Luwanyi Central Primary School in Huangpu District, Shanghai, adjacent to the site of the First Congress of the Communist Party of China, it has a unique red background and abundant party history learning resources.

16 years ago, Wu Rongjin initiated the establishment of the country's first elementary school student commentator club dedicated to volunteering for the Memorial Hall of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the "Red Horn" small commentator club, which blew the "Red Horn" for the spread of red culture.

  Ms. Shi’s child is a member of these small guides associations. Ms. Shi said that the little guides not only changed the character of her child, but also planted a patriotic seed in his heart.

  [Concurrent] Parent Ms. Shi

  He was originally a little cute baby who couldn't speak clearly, but now he has become a main force of explainers.

He was very confident about what happened, and he was brave enough to face it.

Then through understanding the history of the party, he also explored the development history of a China, and in the process enhanced his patriotism.

  [Explanation] Gu Wei, a teacher who has worked in the school for more than ten years, said with emotion that Wu Rongjin looks like a superman in his eyes, caring not only for students but also for teachers. “She remembers all teachers’ birthdays and sends blessings on time in the early morning. Intermittent".

  [Concurrent] Teacher Gu Wei

  I think (Wu Rongjin) she is like a superman, always able to maintain a very full work enthusiasm and working state. This is what I admire very much in the 10 years I have worked with her.

  【Explanation】Teachers have true feelings, and education is endless.

Wu Rongjin said frankly that it is the duty of a people's teacher to help children realize their dreams and achieve value. "I hope to do my best to radiate high-quality educational resources and contribute to a wider range of educational connotations."

  Zhou Zhuoao and Xu Mingrui report from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]