When Stephen Sondheim gives his opinion on any version of

West Side Story

, it is fashionable to listen to it.

We can therefore be reassured about the quality of the version signed Steven Spielberg: the lyricist of the first iteration of the cult musical loved the work of the filmmaker.

“It's really great.

Everyone has to go.

You will have a great time.

And for those of you who know the show, there will be some real surprises, ”he promised in an interview with

Stephen Colbert's

Late Show


High quality

And if he does not deny the contributions of the director of


, it is mainly thanks to screenwriter Tony Kushner that the film shines according to Stephen Sondheim. “He's done some really imaginative and surprising things with the way the songs are used in the story, and the whole thing has a real spark and a real energy, and it looks fresh. It's really high quality, and movie musicals are hard to do, but in this case Spielberg and Kushner really, really did it, ”he said.

We know how severe Stephen Sondheim can be: when he saw the first Hollywood adaptation, in 1961, by Robert Wise, he was disappointed by the film, believing that it was too much of a transposition at the cinema of the musical piece.

It is recalled that the first

West Side Story

nevertheless won 10 Oscars, including that of Best Film, after its release.


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