"Armin Laschet becomes Chancellor": CDU employees spread this message at the beginning of the week in the form of chants. It is an exercise in terms of auto-suggestion: spreading the victorious mood. Even if the Union does not feel like celebrating at the moment. One of the truisms of the political The company says: Voters don't vote for losers. Another is: Voters don't like quarrels. But until a few days ago the CSU shot at the top candidate Armin Laschet. With Markus Söder, said CSU man Markus Blume, one would be better off now.

Timo Steppat

Editor in politics.

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The Union wants to turn the election now.

It is just catching up in surveys, 22 percent would vote for it, according to a survey by Infratest Dimap published on Friday.

Union politicians therefore speak a lot about a “trend reversal”.

Four to five percentage points separate the Union and the SPD.

The actually rather reserved Mr. Laschet has put on the combat suit.

How does it work?

And does that arrive?

We are accompanying Laschet during the election campaign in Lower Saxony.

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