Experts from Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital remotely guided the on-site surgery of Luxian Hospital in Chengdu through the 5G network.

Photo courtesy of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital

Sichuan forest fire rescue personnel are removing dangers in the earthquake area.

Photo courtesy of Sichuan Forest Fire

The expert team evaluated and checked the houses in the earthquake area, house by house.

Sichuan emergency map

Forest fire rescue personnel are transporting relief supplies that have arrived in the earthquake area.

Photo courtesy of Sichuan Forest Fire

Forest fire rescue personnel assisted the relocation of villagers in the earthquake area.

Photo by forest fire rescuers

  China News Service, Chengdu, September 17 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) The reporter learned from the joint headquarters of Sichuan Province’s "September 16" earthquake relief site on the evening of the 17th that as of 12:00 on the same day, a total of 6.0 magnitude earthquakes in Luxian County, Luzhou City, were urgent. More than 76,000 people were transferred, and more than 14,000 people were relocated and resettled urgently.

The vital signs of all the severely wounded in the earthquake were stable, and their lives were not in danger for the time being.

  At 4:33 on September 16th, after the magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred in Luxian County, Luzhou City, Sichuan Disaster Reduction Commission and Emergency Management Department initiated the emergency response to natural disaster relief level II, set up 121 resettlement points, dispatched 3000 tents and foldable beds. 10,700 sheets, 10,600 quilts, and more than 10,000 living supplies arrived in the earthquake-stricken area.

The single tent, folding bed (soft surface), and summer cool quilt that the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department applied to the Emergency Department for deployment have all arrived in Luzhou.

The affected people have been properly resettled to ensure that they have food, clothing, drinking water, safe housing, and basic medical care.

  In addition, under the unified arrangement of the Sichuan Provincial "September 16" Earthquake Relief Field Joint Headquarters, there were 15 provincial expert working groups, 254 professional and technical personnel, 37 vehicles, and 70 vehicles (sets) of the Sichuan Provincial Natural Resources System Organization Department. With professional equipment, 4784 grassroots cadres and the masses were mobilized to carry out disaster inspections and post-earthquake geological hazards investigation.

The Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment organized a total of 798 key units such as Luzhou, Yibin, Neijiang, Zigong and other municipalities’ ecological environment departments to investigate drinking water sources, sewage treatment plants, and hazard-related and heavy-duty enterprises.

  The housing construction departments at the provincial, city and county levels responded simultaneously, convening 120 industry experts to form a post-earthquake emergency assessment work group for the safety performance of housing construction. Use and usable” opinions, and clearly mark the conspicuous location of the entrance of the house to guide the masses in transitional resettlement and avoid secondary damage caused by the safety performance of the house after the earthquake.

The Department of Transportation sent 64 people to form a front-line working group to conduct risk investigations and disaster investigations on highways, national and provincial trunk lines, roads from villages to villages, ports and docks, and some municipal facilities affected by the earthquake.

At present, the general national and provincial arterial roads in Luzhou are generally in good condition, and no obvious damage has been found to important structures such as bridges and tunnels, and the traffic is normal.

The damaged section of the rural highway in the epicenter has been fully rushed through without affecting traffic.

  The Sichuan Provincial Health and Construction Commission dispatched 5 foreign aid medical rescue teams, 47 medical personnel, and 6 medical rescue vehicles to participate in the rescue at the scene of the disaster area; 36 health and epidemic prevention teams, 98 anti-epidemic personnel, and 23 vehicles.

Thirty-six temporary medical points were set up in the disaster area, 52 medical staff were dispatched to carry out medical rounds, and more than 720 visits were made.

At present, the vital signs of all the severely wounded in the earthquake are stable, and there is no life threatening for the time being.

  The Sichuan Provincial Communications Administration dispatched 646 repair personnel, 159 emergency repair vehicles, and 623 generator oil generators to Luxian County to carry out the repair work.

All the damaged base stations in the three villages and towns in the epicenter have been rushed through, and communications have been stable and unblocked. The communications industry is making every effort to restore and strengthen optical cable poles.

The State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company dispatched a total of 423 people and 77 vehicles to carry out emergency repairs.

At the same time, 75 people, 11 vehicles, and 8 generator cars were dispatched for emergency power supply work.

At present, except for the damage to the house and other reasons, the 3619 outdoor areas that do not have the conditions to restore power supply have all been restored.

  Sichuan Province Chuan Coal Group, Shudao Group and other provincial enterprises quickly attacked immediately, assembled rescue teams urgently, organized rescue materials and equipment, and fully carried out the Luzhou earthquake rescue and rescue, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises.

  The relevant person in charge of the joint headquarters of the "September 16" earthquake relief site in Sichuan Province said that the next step is to continue to search and rescue people who may be trapped, conduct in-depth and meticulous resettlement and rescue of the masses, quickly and accurately carry out disaster assessment, and do their best to do a good job. Eliminate dangers and other work.