Kyushu University, which developed artificial bones with new ingredients, held an award ceremony in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo to commend researchers and companies for making products that contribute to society based on the results of science and technology research. Researchers and companies were commended.

This award, named the Inoue Harunari Award, was created by the Japan Science and Technology Agency, which plays a role in implementing national science and technology policies, as the secretariat, and created products that contribute to society based on research results. , Researchers and companies are selected and commended every year.


year, Professor Kunio Ishikawa of Kyushu University and a medical equipment manufacturer, who developed a new artificial bone to treat the missing chin bone,

▽ Automatically analyze the comfort of indoor temperature in real time A

total of two people and two companies were selected



Professor Hiroko Kubo of Nara Women's University and a major home appliance maker who developed the controlled air conditioner


Professor Ishikawa of Kyushu University, who received the award, said, "While there are many cases where research results are not put into practical use, it is the best as a researcher to be able to return the results to society."