Has the revenge of the "old women" sounded?

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Menopause is a natural phenomenon etymologically meaning "stop menstruation".

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The word itself is taboo.

We prefer the most politically correct "mature woman", "senior" or "elder".

As our societies age, the old are less looked at, invisible.


In the cinema, for example, they represent only 8% of the protagonists while in France, one in two women is over 50 years old.

In return, many of them discover a new freedom and find a third way, between power and appeasement, proving that the menopause about which we dare speak so little does not prevent entrepreneurship, vibrate, or seduce. 

Is it this emancipation that sometimes makes us suspicious of them?

Why do we tend to hide old age?

How to break free from the shackles of youthism? 

With :

Marie Charrel

, journalist for the newspaper 

Le Monde


novelist and author of 

Who's Afraid of Old Women?

 (Les Pérégrines editions)


A report by 

Sarah Cozzolino

 in Brazil in a sports class reserved for the elderly.

And a QR with 

Nicolas Rocca

 in Seoul (South Korea) on the Ajumma.


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