Sausage moon cakes, roasted chicken moon cakes, Xi Shi drunk moon cakes, medium bean paste moon cakes, and phoenix meat moon cakes. Have you ever tasted these Cantonese-style moon cakes?

A few days ago, the "Disappearing Mooncake" series jointly launched by Guangzhou Museum and China Hotel includes the five unique flavors mentioned above.

  According to reports, the "disappearing moon cakes" launched this time are derived from the cake lists, advertisements, and recipes collected in the museum. They have been developed and restored by the Guangzhou Museum's researchers and chefs, and finally become gradually forgotten. The Cantonese taste has returned to the public eye.

  "Missing Mooncake" is full of cultural flavor from "connotation" to "appearance". The taste is developed and restored through book records, and the packaging is refined and created based on the export sewing box of the Guangzhou Museum.

This is the latest masterpiece of the "Disappeared ____" series following the "Disappearing Famous Dishes" created by Guangzhou Museum and China Hotel.

  (Reporter Wei Jiefu produced Sui Zhiyuan video source from Guangzhou Museum)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]