Everyone has probably sat on a beer bench before - and knows that sitting is not only uncomfortable in the long run, it is also an extremely shaky affair.

Especially when you are suddenly the last to be seated at one end.

Now beer sets should above all be functional.

This means that it can be assembled and dismantled quickly so that it can be packed away in a shed or cellar as quickly as possible.

They stay there until they are needed again so that they can easily accommodate several people at the same time.

Peter-Philipp Schmitt

Editor in the section “Germany and the World”.

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It is different at public festivals and in beer gardens: there hardly anyone is bothered by the permanent makeshift arrangements because they are practical and inexpensive.

It may also suit the hosts that their guests don't get stuck on them and quickly make room for new paying customers.

But do beer benches and tables have to be generally uncomfortable and unsightly?

This is exactly the question that worried Berlin designer Olaf Schroeder. And he has found his answer: the Guard beer table set. He calls his design "urban furniture", for which he has found a "consistent, contemporary design language". The bench and table set is made of larch wood, the frame is made of black powder-coated steel. The distinctive look is characterized by clear contours, says Schroeder. "Well-known curves and struts have disappeared." To do this, he has attached wooden edges to the sides, which not only provide additional stability and stability. The metal legs, which are each locked with two screws, also disappear when folded up behind these edges. The set is produced by the design publisher Jan Kurtz from Affalterbach in the Ludwigsburg district in Baden-Württemberg.The nice thing about the set: It can stand outside as well as inside - all year round.