It is likely to sting, these next days, in the South.

The severe bad weather, which is sweeping down in recent days on the Hérault or the Gard, makes mosquitoes happy.

On "certain soils that have been dry for several months", now submerged, "very large quantities of eggs of harmful mosquito species have been laid and accumulated", indicates EID Méditerranée, the Interdepartmental Agreement for Mosquito Control, based in Montpellier.

"A hatching of the eggs and the appearance of larvae, in very high densities, were noted by the agents" of the EID.

Significant resources have been deployed to treat these areas, via planes and helicopters, over nearly 2,700 hectares, in the departments of Hérault, Gard, and Bouches-du-Rhône.

“The larval densities are such that despite the success of the treatments applied, there are still small quantities of live larvae, the product used being effective on only 80 to 90% of them, deplores the EID.

The presence of these residual larvae over large areas leads to a significant accumulation of adult mosquitoes, which could still cause serious nuisances in the coming days.



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