On the morning of September 16th, a Sichuan online reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Transportation that after the Luzhou 6.0 earthquake, the province’s transportation system was immediately investigated. As of 6:30, the highways leading to Luzhou and within the territory were all running normally. There are falling rocks and small landslides in individual sections of national and provincial trunk roads, which have been cleared and will not affect traffic.

Rural roads are under investigation.

  There were no casualties in the Luzhou-Yongchuan and Gulin-Jinsha highway projects under construction in Luzhou, and no structures, bridge erectors and other equipment collapsed.

Luxian Passenger Transport Station found cracks in the inner wall of the station; Luzhou City has prepared an emergency capacity of 100 passenger and freight vehicles each, and the Transportation Management Bureau of the Provincial Transportation Department plans to dispatch 20 emergency passenger and freight vehicles nearby, ready to support at any time.

  At present, the Provincial Department of Transportation has initiated a secondary response to the earthquake and carried out emergency response at the Sichuan Provincial Transportation Operation and Dispatching Center. The department's working group is rushing to Luzhou.

  Reporter Wang Meiling