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Nothing and no one could think

Secret Story

was going to happen what happened last night. Yes,

Secret Story

is the


of secrets, but there are secrets that nobody counted on.

Secret Story

was to be

The House of Secrets

, secrets without pain or glory, with a hint of spark, but none that could remove any foundation. Until last night, until

Sofía Cristo


The Secret Life Line

, a sequel to the well-known Life Curve that was part of


, because here everything looks like


, and it removed more than foundations.

Sophia Christ

she kept a secret that not even her mother, Barbara Rey, knew.

A painful and criminal secret that he has only told three friends and his therapist:

Sofía Cristo

suffered sexual abuse at the age of five by a person very close to her family.

Be careful not to try to minimize what Sofía Cristo did last night for the simple fact that she did it on a

reality show

and chose to tell it and get rid of it on a television program before having told her mother about it.

Sofía Cristo has told it when she has seen, how she has seen and where she has seen.

For that the pain, the suffering and the years that he has been living with this trauma are his and nothing but his.

It would only be missing that she, the victim, could not decide when she wanted to make it public.

She said it herself: right now she is in a wonderful moment of her life, she is strong, she is happy and everything that is removing her from participating in

Secret Story

has led her to be able to remove that stone or, at least, to make it public.

The heartbreaking story of Sofía Cristo in Secret Story

"This that I am going to tell you now is very strong. I don't want to give a fucking pity, I just tell my life. One thing happens ... We are with my mother at home, in La Moraleja, in that orange room, and one day a person I'm never going to say ...

At the age of five I suffer sexual abuse from that person

. I have never told anyone. I was not aware of what it was until I was growing up and I knew what he had done to me. In fact "Only three friends of mine and my therapist know about it. I have never wanted to tell about it because he is a person very close to us."

Sofía Cristo

was falling apart,

Bárbara Rey

sank on set. His daughter, always his unconditional support, his angel had just revealed live the sexual abuse that a very close person, "from whom I will never reveal his identity", abused his daughter shortly after she separated from

Ángel Cristo


In fact,

Sofía Cristo

did not let go of him suddenly or start his secret line of life with such a secret.

Sofía Cristo

told it after recounting how her childhood had been, how she had lived through terrible scenes of abuse by her father towards her mother, when her childhood collapsed. And it was at that time, when

Bárbara Rey

separated from

Ángel Cristo

, when

Sofía Cristo

had to overcome the scenes of violence and the separation from her parents when the worst was yet to come.

Sophia Christ

He did not go into lurid details, did not give any clue as to who it might have been or what it was like. She limited herself to saying that one day, at her home in La Moraleja, in that orange room, a person very close to them sexually abused her. He was not even aware of what he had done to him until a long time later, until he grew up and knew that what that person had done to him - if he can be called a person - was one of the greatest monstrosities that can be committed.

The situation spilled over into the

Secret Story


with a Sofia Cristo crying inconsolably and apologizing to her mother for not having told her after so many years.

On the set the situation was not better.

Barbára Rey

suffered a nervous breakdown, how could it be otherwise after listening to her daughter.

And if it were not for the good work of

Carlos Sobera

, who was magnificent in a very complicated situation, probably the terrible story of

Sofía Cristo

would have ended up in a real television circus.

But no, far from it.

The incredible lesson of Carlos Sobera in Secret Story

Carlos Sobera

knew how to control a very complicated situation in full direct. Few times a presenter and a

reality show

, moreover, has encountered something like this and with what the confession of Sofía Cristo supposes.

Carlos Sobera

was so aware that Bárbara Rey had to be calmed down, that

Sofía Cristo

had to be supported

, that it had to be made clear that this was not part of the

Secret Story


, that this was not planned nor was it the objective of the program, that this had been a very brave decision of Sofía Cristo and as such it had to be seen.

"Sofia, you were not to blame for anything. And what you are doing is absolutely wonderful because there are many people who suffer sexual abuse and do not say it. With which what you do is set an example, a bloody example to all of society. Ok, Sofia? So far from regretting it, feel very proud of what you are doing because this country needs people like you, with two balls in the right place. " Incredible

Carlos Sober

a, simply incredible.

Carlos Sober

could have poked around, he could have insisted, he could have turned it into a spectacle, but he did the opposite. He calmed down a

completely sunken

Bárbara Rey

, applauded and gave the support that at that moment

Sofía Cristo

He needed the most and gave a lesson in knowing how to do and being a great person before being a presenter.

"I would like to say one thing. This comes out of me,"

Carlos Sobera



"This has nothing to do with the program or the script. What you are telling is very serious. It is something that we must always try to denounce. This was not prepared, this was not part of

The House of Secrets

nor is it the objective of the program. We can only thank you for having had this gesture, this exercise of sincerity and courage to confess something so traumatic. And in case anyone is tempted to think that we are making a market, I want to tell you with the heart of my hand that I as a person thank


what she has done because what she does, apart from being good for her, is good for so many people that we have to learn this life lesson forever. Just for that, thank you. ”He could say it clearer, but not louder.

Yes, indeed,

Sofía Cristo

probably recounted the most traumatic event of her life on a

reality show

, on a television program and live. Yes,

Sofía Cristo

revealed on television what she had been silent for so many years before even telling her mother. Yes, Sofía Cristo did it in her first moment alone since

Secret Story

began last week

. But the fact that

Sofía Cristo

did it like that does not remove an iota of value or pain from her story. There will be those who think that this would have been better to have told it in its most absolute privacy, well, perhaps. But like the one who suffered it, like the one who has carried the slab of

child sexual abuse

On her back and especially her being for so many it has been her, as the one who has suffered the consequences of that monster fact has been she, it is she who has all the right in the world - it would be more - to tell it how she pleases and when it pleases you.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that

Sofía Cristo

is currently an interventionist to help families with children with drug problems.

She herself has told

her colleagues


Secret Story

that her job is to go to schools and talk to kids, as well as mediate to help kids who are already hooked, just like she was.

Sofía Cristo's


and her overcoming has never been a secret.

Sophia Christ

He started using drugs at age 14, at 15 he was already taking cocaine. A bit in which he fell and from which he knew how to get out. Now, use that fall to hell to help others. He knows what it means to relate a suffering, to make others see it, to be aware of it to help those who are falling. Sofía Cristo knows that counting the sexual abuse she suffered when she was 5 years old is going to help many people. You know that your testimony not only marked the

Secret Story

program last night

and will be discussed in the next few days on all



, but you are aware, and if it was not, you already made it very clear,

Carlos Sobera

, that his testimony, that his story is of much use.

It serves for people who have suffered the same as her to listen to her and to see that she has overcome it.

She said it herself: "Now I am happy and I thank God every day."

It serves so that whoever has suffered it and has never told it knows that it can be counted, that it should be counted, that it helps, that it takes weight off that slab.

It serves for the simplest, but also the most difficult, so that they listen to it.

Secret Story's bad move

I don't know how

Sofía Cristo

woke up today

, but she should wake up full, proud, radiant. Because what

Sofía Cristo

did last night

was not marketing, it was not a circus, it was not a souk, what Sofía Cristo did last night was a great lesson that, as

Carlos Sobera


, we should all burn ourselves. Yes, he is on a television program, he did it on a television program and he did it for a fee, but the question is not where he did it but what he did and what it means, and what it means is a lot of work, a lot of therapy, a lot survival and, above all, a lot of value.

Sofía Cristo

unloaded, unburdened, released ballast, but with her ballast, with her story, she has advanced a step further. There is no discussion.

I don't think

Secret Story

, or any television show, will re-live what happened last night. The story of

Sofía Cristo

marked everything and covered everything. It was a nomination night -

Chimo Bayo




Cristina Porta

- and it was the night that Telecinco premiered its new pseudo prime time advance schedule. In short, we will have to see the hearings today and if he achieved his goal of removing viewers from the unbeatable



El Hormiguero

. I really doubt it. For a normal viewer to follow so much time change, so much cut, so much change of channel is a chaos that only those who are hooked on the program will endure. First at 8:00 p.m., at 9:00 p.m. the

Pedro Piqueras


, at 10:00 p.m. we go back, at 10:50 p.m. we go to


, and to finish earlier, finally ... Like the story of Pedro and the wolf.

In addition, there were errors, serious errors, such as telling the nomination of

Sandra Pica

because it was necessary to give way to the newscast, or cutting that of

Canales Rivera

because it was necessary to go to



In which head is it possible to leave an hour to the contestants being aware that they were nominating to the face?

An hour to think, an hour to prepare and an hour in which the viewer has to wait to find out who one of the contestants is going to finish nominating, while those who come to see him at 10 p.m. do not even know where the shots are coming.

I have said, a difficult chaos to digest and we will have to see how the play comes out and how this ends for

Secret Srory


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